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Dear Friend,

My name is Bert Middleton, and that’s a picture of me and my wife Sharon above.

I know you’re here because you’re having a gout attack…

Let me help.

I’ve been where you are, waaay too many times. And I know how desperate you probably feel.

Because there is NO PAIN like gout pain. I’ve had women with gout tell me their gout pain hurts worse than child birth.

But here’s the good news… I have the answers you’re looking for. 

I stumbled onto this 100% natural gout remedy over a decade ago. And it became the foundation of a Gout-Free Living lifestyle program that’s allowed me to live FREE of gout pain… ever since.

It literally gave me life back.

And now I’d like to give you YOUR LIFE back…

Just over two decades ago, when I was 38, I found myself diagnosed with gout …

It all started on a trip back to New Mexico from Texas.


I had a terrible pain in my ankle … and I’ll spare you the gory details … but a lot of ice and half a bottle of ibuprofen later, I landed in the emergency room.

The final diagnosis?

Like 8.3 million other people in the United States, I had gout.

And for the next decade, I struggled helplessly to control it as gout wreaked havoc on my life … taking a terrible physical, emotional, social and financial toll.

Prescription drugs were of limited help…

And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks was making it impossible for me to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures.

My marriage was suffering. 

My finances were spiraling, because the gout attacks were making it difficult to work. 

And my social life? That was gone too.



I was depressed … angry … and deeply resentful.

Gout was stealing YEARS of my life.

Until one day, after hundreds of hours of research … and experimenting on myself … I finally had a breakthrough … It was a game changer.

Suddenly I was in the driver’s seat, gout was no longer controlling the direction of my life.

It was a discovery that would become the foundation of what I now call my:

Gout-Free Living Lifestyle Program.


Fast forward to today, I’ve been living gout free for over a decade now.

I’m sure that’s hard for you to imagine, if you’re currently battling another gout attack …

But I want to give you some hope:

I had one of the worst cases of gout I’ve seen, even among my clients.

And yet here I am today, mountain biking … skiing … enjoying vacations with my wife … taking my nieces and nephews on little adventures …


Most days I don’t give gout a second thought.

I feel truly blessed, I’ve taken back my life.

But … I haven’t “cured” my gout.

Just like an alcoholic is never “cured” … I know that we’re never really “cured” of gout either, and we must make daily choices about the food we eat, what we drink, what supplements we take, what kind of exercises we do, and so much more to make sure we STAY gout free. 

And that’s the road I’d like to start you on today…


If you’re overwhelmed by pain …

… Then let’s take the first step together!

Let’s get your current gout attack under control using “The Gout Killing Formula” that 1000s of people just like you have already successfully used to do the same thing.

Stop your current gout attack COLD, in its tracks.

I don’t care if this attack has been ongoing for weeks or longer…

I don’t care how bad the pain is…

You have my solemn promise:

If you can commit to making a trip to the local grocery store TODAY (or get someone to go for you) … follow the dosing instructions I’m going to give you … for the next 6 hours … 

And SWEAR to give me a FAIR & FIGHTING CHANCE to help you by doing exactly as I say…

Then I promise you’re going to feel DRAMATIC RELIEF within 2-4 hours of starting the dosing … 6-8 hours into the program you’ll be amazed … and 24 hours from now …

Well, I expect I’ll have your full attention!

And then, you and I can get focused on STEP #2, introducing you to the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make to stop living at the mercy of these random gout attacks…

… And start living PAIN FREE and GOUT FREE for decades to come.

Just like me, and like 1000s of my clients.

Here are just a small handful of the success stories I’ve received in emails, Facebook messages, text messages, and more over the last decade since I made it my mission to share my drug-free methods for controlling my gout with the world.

You can read over 65 pages worth of testimonials and success stories, here, too.

And this is only a fraction of what I’ve received…

No Gout In A Long Time Thanks To You!

orange-quote-marksThank you, Bert, I’ve come a long way. You helped a lot. I was a little goofy there for a while and had a number of physical problems. But gout hasn’t been one of them.

Frankly your tips can benefit anyone. They are wise and sensible solutions to an overall better life. Thank you, Pete

I Haven’t Had Gout In Over A Year Now!

green-quote-marksJust checking in with you. I wanted to tell you that I haven’t had any gout problems in over a year now. I sing the praises of [your recommendations] to people all the time. I will keep you posted!  – Eric

My Boyfriend Tried It… And It Worked!

orange-quote-marksOh, my goodness! My boyfriend tried [your remedy] and, it worked! Thank you soooo soooo much! I was very worried! Thank you, again! – Elaine


Thank God, No Gout Attacks In A Long Time!

orange-quote-marksThank God I haven’t had a gout attack for a very long time, since we were first in touch. Keep up the good work. – Colm

I’m Living Gout-Free And Off The Drugs!

green-quote-marksI’ve been gout-free for quite a while now. I’m off the Hep C drug and feeling better… thanks to you. Keep up the good work Bert. – Jeff

I’m Finally In Control

orange-quote-marksI read EVERYTHING you send. I’ve changed the mindset with all the info. Diet has changed. Attitude has changed. You’re helping me attack this instead of letting it attack me! Thanks! – Rob

In 2 Days, My Gout Is 95% Gone!

green-quote-marksMy last attack was Christmas, when I had gout for 3 months on and off. I was into the second week when I found your website. After a day’s work I was coming home and my foot would swell up to the point that I couldn’t walk.

I have used your remedy for 2 days and my gout is 95% gone. I am now a happy bunny. Can’t thank you enough for the information. – Mantis Fists

Minus the times that it takes for you to collect the supplies.


We waste no time, in the first 8 pages of this book, I’m going to give you the TWO RECIPES for my 100% natural gout attack remedy that I promise will kill your gout within the next 6 hours. 

Plus, I’ll give you the exact dosing schedule, to make sure you know exactly how to take it. 


I know from experience, when you’re in pain, you need things spoon fed to you, and you need things to be kept simple and easy to understand.

So I make sure there’s no BS … no reading 150 pages, digging for some hidden cure … I lay it all in the first 8 pages in plain, simple, easy-to-understand English.

You can even print page #8 and tape it to your fridge, so again, there’s no guesswork involved at all.

While you’re following the dosing schedule, I give you further instructions for speeding the pain relief and healing.



If possible, I recommend that you clear your schedule for the next 24 hours …  If you can’t that’s okay, this will still work, but if you can afford the time away, please prepare to rest and follow the instructions I’ll lay out for you in the first 8 pages of this book.

It’s how I’ve helped 1000s of people just like you get terrible gout attacks under control in no time flat, and I want give YOU the best possible chance of experiencing these results.

(Because the first step to controlling it will be understanding the ROOT CAUSE!)

So it’s 4-6 hours from now …

You’re resting and following the dosing instructions I provide in the first 8 pages of “Kill Your Gout Now.” 

What’s next? While you’re resting, I suggest you invest some time reviewing the rest of this EASY-TO-READ book … 54 pages total.

In it, I’m going to use plain language (ENGLISH, ha ha) to explain what’s causing your gout. Because obviously the first step to controlling your gout and preventing future attacks will be understanding what’s causing it, at least at the 50,000 ft view.

There’s a lot of misinformation and myths floating around about gout. 

  • Uric acid causes gout (MYTH #1, only partially true!)
  • You need to control your uric acid to control your gout (MYTH #2, you can go wrong focused on this!) 
  • You need to become a vegetarian (MYTH #3, nope! Tried that, big mistake, gout attacks every month.)
  • Bad genetics cause gout, it’s out of your hands. (MYTH #4, only true for 8% of gout sufferers!)
  • You MUST take pharmaceuticals to control gout (MYTH #5, wrong again.)

There’s waaay more to the story … So we’ll debunk these myths together.

And I’ll make sure you understand WHY you’re having gout attacks.

Because I also find understanding the “why” helps keep me motivated to keep taking the daily steps necessary to make sure the gout doesn’t sneak up on me again …

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been GOUT FREE for over a decade now.

So I know this works …

And I want to set you on the same path.

(Imagine, Feeling In Control Of Your Gout… Instead Of Always Afraid, Embarrassed, and In Pain.)

Topics we’ll cover in the remaining chapters of “Kill Your Gout Now” include:

  • Why it’s not enough to stop eating red meat and drinking beer.
  • What REALLY causes gout: it’s NOT what you think!
  • Why controlling your uric acid is only a SMALL PIECE of the goutkilling puzzle – let’s be sure you’re well informed.
  • How to manage your overall body chemistry – so it’s a GOUT HOSTILE environment and literally kicks the gout OUT the door.
  • How I killed my gout for good by focusing on CELLULAR HEALTH. • How the pH balance of your body affects gout: ways to manage it.
  • The miracle drink that makes your body “gout hostile”
  • You won’t believe I recommend THIS to kill your gout. (page 24)
  • The toxic waste that’s building up in your body, at the cellular level, that you MUST flush out if you’re going to control your gout.
  • The 14 most common mistakes that make your body “gout friendly” (page 26)
  • The 4 pathways your body uses to ELIMINATE GOUT: how to make sure all the doors are open, so gout is more easily pushed out of your body!
  • The one specific organ in your body that’s GROUND ZERO for fighting back against gout! (And, how to support this gout-fighting organ so it’s able to keep the gout at bay.)
  • Got a REALLY TOUGH case of gout? I’ll show you how to bring the heavy artillery, so that gout doesn’t stand a CHANCE!
  • 6 factors that determine how long it will take for you to KILL YOUR GOUT FOR GOOD and live the gout-free lifestyle.
  • How much you need to eat, sleep, and drink to kill your gout.
  • The best herbal teas to drink to help “flush” gout.
  • 3 miracle foods that help fight gout.
  • The #1 juice I recommend you drink when fighting off a gout attack. (It must be ORGANIC though, and you must keep it COLD!) (page 41)
  • Topical gout remedies that REALLY WORK! Don’t waste money on scam remedies, these 2 topical remedies are DIRT CHEAP but highly effective.
  • 3 homeopathic remedies that amplify the effects of other gout remedies you may choose to use from this book.
  • Get FAST RELIEF from pain, redness, heat, and swelling! All my best tips.
  • One the most important vitamins to take during a gout attack (and WHY!)

green-quote-marksI Was Ready To Chop Off My Legs To Get Some Relief. With God As My Witness, The Gout Disappeared In Less Than 2 Hours!

I Was Utterly Astonished… My Joints Haven’t Felt This Good In 20 Years. I Have Got My Money’s Worth Many Times Over.

Dear Bert,

I want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for all you do as The Gout Killer! You are THE MAN!

I purchased your “quick fix remedy” and your long term gout killing program in February. On that fateful day I was at the end of my wits suffering from my most painful and longest lasting gout attack (it had lasted from December 23 through February 27).

I had gout on both knees, both ankles, and all ten toes. 

I was honest-to-God contemplating chopping off my feet and legs just to get some relief. 🙁 

While at work I somehow managed to find your website, I opened an account and purchased the information I mentioned above. 

Your “quick fix” information stated that my gout would be gone in 2 to 4 hours. To be honest I didn’t believe that my gout could disappear in such a short time, since my gout normally takes 2 to 3 days to subside while using my liver damaging prescription medication.

With God as my witness, the gout on both knees, both ankles and all ten toes almost totally disappeared by the 2nd hour! 

I was utterly astonished!

How was this possible?

By the 6th hour, it was history! 

Without exaggerating this may be the most valuable item I have ever purchased. I feel that I’ve gotten my money’s worth many times over. I think that your system would be well worth its value even if it had sold for a couple hundred dollars.

Thanks again, Bert!

You are my hero. – Sam


My promise to you is simple:

I want you to experience IMMEDIATE RELIEF from your gout pain in the next 2-4 hours with my proven “Gout Killing Formula” that you’ll find clearly explained in the first 8 pages of my best-selling book, “Kill Your Gout Now.”

So invite you to claim a copy of this #1 rated eBook for MORE THAN 60% OFF the $79 I was selling it for earlier this year:

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A price tag that’s high enough to make sure those who buy it, value it!  While still covering my costs of making this solution available for all.

If you love it, as I expect you will, I hope you’ll share YOUR success story with me, as it’s stories like the ones above that really keep me motivated to do this working late nights and weekends, after my regular 9-5 job.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Of course, if you’re NOT 100% thrilled, you can always contact me within 30 days for a full refund. 

Although I have to tell you: less than 1% of people ever request a refund, because the simple truth is this program works.

It gets results fast, and I know most folks appreciate my “just the facts” approach.


So now it’s time to decide… Will you let me help you?

Like I’ve helped 1000s of other gout sufferers? If you’re at the end of your rope, as I once was, I hope you’ll take this chance, invest in a copy of “Kill Your Gout Now,” and let me show how much better you can feel…

Remember, there’s no risk in trying “Kill Your Gout” now.

Get it for 60% OFF, just $27 today.

With a 100% money back guarantee. You must get the results I’ve promised, or I give you a full refund.

Again, you’ll find no fluff or BS here:

I’m all about getting you straight to the solution.

So you can stop living with the pain, fear, and embarrassment of gout.

(Stop missing work… stop hiding at home… stop skipping parties with family and friends… stop giving up favorite hobbies… )

And finally start LIVING AGAIN!


Try It Risk FREE For 30 Days.

Comes With 100% Money Back Guarantee.