A new gout friend of mine got me thinking about parasites again and how they are suspect as yet another cause of gout.

I got so freaked out by it that I had to write an another EzineArticle about it. The connection of parasites, the acidic buildup and the associated destruction because of them is astounding! I’ve posted a few of the highlights here and . . . I suspect a connection to gout “foul play”.


It Is Estimated That 85% to 95%
of the Population Has Parasites

There is also a growing suspicion that all cancer, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease is due to parasitic infection. This deserves further investigation and it would not be surprising to find a strong connection for the tendency toward gout.

The “Eggs” of These Parasites are Microscopic

Typically if one family member is a host, the whole family is infected. The eggs of parasites can live under fingernails for 2 months and because the eggs are microscopic in nature, they can even become airborne and then inhaled.

Check this out about what they say in Wikipedia about the transmission of parasites.

  • “Parasites inhabit living organisms and therefore face problems that free-living organisms do not. Hosts, the only habitats in which parasites can survive, actively try to avoid, repel, and destroy parasites. Parasites employ numerous strategies for getting from one host to another, a process sometimes referred to as parasite transmission or colonization.”

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Hey Bert,

Sorry for the late response but like you were I am in construction myself so I get up early and get home late. I have been struggling with this demon that calls himself gout for about the last 3 years and never had it attack my knee before and WOW!!! What pain that was, I thought my big toe was the worst it would be but I was wrong. The remedy you have came up with worked out. I have always been taking that same ACV on a daily bases but not on that level you recommended with the baking soda. haha! Who would of thought that would work, I would love to never feel this pain with gout again because this last flare up was by far the worst I have felt. It was deep in the knee and I am still feeling it when I try to bend down. It feels tight, like I pulled a muscle but it’s going away, and I am walking again and hoping I never go thru that again. So there U go Bert, that’s my situation as of now and the formula definitely works for the pain! Thanx and I am very interested in how to kill it for good! ~ Peter

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What Can You Do About Parasites?

Avoid becoming infected and resist infestation. Parasites of all kinds thrive in acidic conditions and constipation. Then due to their pooping and peeing and their dead carcasses, they just add to the already too acidic load your kidneys are trying to deal with.

Staying properly hydrated with high-quality water is a must, and following a high-fiber, alkalizing diet is the best prevention and cure for infection and infestation of parasites.

Many forms of parasites hate “oregano”. Using strong and well-made “oil of oregano” essential oil regularly is a good way to stop those little bastards.

Remember!  Parasites are just one more thing to look out for be on top of when it comes to killin’ gout.


Bert Middleton

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