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I’m not totally against western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs – they have their place – last place. The billions that get spent on programming and conditioning us to think we have no control over our own health is what has created the massive health crisis in the world today.

Doctors and nurses are good people with good intentions . . . they’re just misguided and misinformed when it comes to gout. Did you know that MDs are not required to know anything about diet and nutrition to become a doctor? When we are talking about how to take care of your health, your doctor is not the person to talk to. When you’ve got a broken leg or you’ve mismanaged your health so bad that you have to take extreme measures to get back on track, then you go to a doctor.

But to learn how to stay healthy and avoid disease and illness, there are plenty of health & wellness professionals to see, or to read their books, or listen to their CDs, or participate in their trainings. Doctors are a lot like mechanics; you go to them when you’re broken.

Learn Prevention, Learn Maintenance!

This is my advice:

  • Be Your Doctors Best Patient

What this means is that if you’ve mismanaged your health to the point that you truly are broken, go to your doctor and get some help. Follow his/her orders to the letter BUT . . . don’t think that pills alone are going to restore your health! That’s your job! Learn to breathe properly, drink water (not beer and Red Bull), eat LIVE foods – fruits and vegetables. Improve your health and ween yourself off the drugs – but don’t stop until your doc says it’s ok.