The summer is half over and our little urban gout farm is coming along!

Good Foods For Gout?

The best foods for your gout diet are the ones you grow yourself!

In the never-ending quest to figure out what to eat, to keep gout at bay, we need ask one question:

How Long Ago Was This Food Alive?

If we want to “live”, we have to eat “live” foods. The biggest reason gout (and diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and on and on) is such a problem today, is because our food is dead.

They grow foods as cheaply as they can, using all kinds of synthetic and unnatural substances and methods, process the crap out of it, make it look, smell, and taste like “food”, and then market the crap out of it, to make us believe it’s healthy for us. Don’t be suckered in by the marketing hype!

A quick, easy, and simple read is “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan. In a few short pages, he will have you on track with not only what to eat, but how to eat.

Single Ingredient Foods

As you can see here, my little yellow squashes are a “single ingredient food”. They are coming on fast, and the zucchinis are not far behind! They have been great in the mornings in my scrambled eggs!

We have a bunch of different kinds of lettuce that are ready now, beet greens, Swiss chard, and dinosaur kale too. Soon the tomatoes will be ripening, as well as the tomatillos, and the jalapenos, Serannos, and habineros. The radishes are bursting out of the ground, and the dill, basil, and fennel are making their way into my stir fry’s too.


“Weed(S)…plural, not “weed”. Just because this is Colorado, don’t think that I am into all the medicine growing that goes on around here.

There is a particular weed that grows abundantly in our garden that usually get discarded, BUT, not last night. “Purslane” is the amazing weed that I thinned out from the garden, washed it up, chopped it up, and threw in with the stir fry. A big glob of coconut oil, then a generous amount of garlic and onions, the purslane, some cauliflower, sliced pork, and half a can of organic coconut milk, red chili flakes, and red curry and…VIOLA! A fantastic dinner! Even The Gout Wife approved!

. . .

Hey Bert,

How is everything going?  I hope you and Mrs Bert are well and in good spirits.

Well, your email helped me understand what’s been happening all this time.  I thought you must have pulled out your hair suffering with the #Gout, but today you let the secret out; you have just stored so much #gout information up there trying to help us, that the roots don’t have any where to grow!  Bert I do appreciate the unselfish sacrifice you have made…so much so, that the last year I lived #GOUT FREE!  YOU ARE MY HERO!

Now let’s lower our heads in a moment of silence, for the man that invented computers, for it might have saved your ears!

You know I love ya, Thanks,


. . .

Life On The Farm

So, using the term, “Gout Farm”, is a little far-fetched. We actually have a couple of plots at the new Lone Tree Community Garden, here in the south part of Denver. The Gout Wife had a lot to do with getting it started.

One of the most important things about why growing your own foods is good for killing gout, is not only the control you have over your nutrition, but also the relaxation and nervous system TLC you get when you get your hands in the dirt. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic frequency that we manage to get ourselves out of sync with, by the way we live our crazy modern lives, and the insane exposure to technology that “seems” so essential.

  Bottom-Line:  Grow your own food and kill your gout. If you can’t or don’t know how to grow your own food, learn. If nothing else, support your local farmers and farmers markets!

~ check out The Gout Farm? (In The Beginning)


Bert Middleton

“I know your pain. Let me help you kill your gout for good!  And teach you to advocate for yourself and take ownership of your gout recovery, by showing you how to live the gout-free lifestyle.” Two decades ago, Bert Middleton found himself diagnosed with gout. Like 8.3 million other people in the United States (approximately 4% of the population), he struggled helplessly with the physical, emotional, social, and financial impact that gout left unchecked can have on your life. Prescription drugs were of limited help… And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks left him unable to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures. His marriage was suffering. His finances were spiraling due to the impact gout had on his ability to work. And maintaining a social life was often nearly impossible. Tophi surgeries left him in terrible pain.  And he found himself depressed … and angry … that gout was stealing years of his life.

Until one day, after hundreds of hours of research and self-experimentation, Bert finally had a breakthrough and created a blueprint for a way of living that would prove to be “the answer” to living gout-free for nearly a decade now. Today, Bert and his “Gout Wife” Sharon devote their evenings and weekends to educating other gout sufferers on how to live the gout-free lifestyle. Showing others his 911 Emergency Response Gout Recovery Plan for getting PAINFUL gout attacks under control in as little as 4 hours. And then, how to make daily choices that keep gout under control for GOOD! So you can finally start LIVING again!