“The Microbiome As It Relates To Gout”

7pm MST, Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The “microbiome” . . . do you know what that is? Well, it’s a good topic for a gout Google Hangout. Why? Because there is so much new information about how the healthy bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract is critical for our very survival. It’s been asked, “who runs who?” Are we just a host for these bacteria – they are such an essential part of the world we live in, are we just here so they have a place to live. Crazy huh?

What’s the Big Deal About The Microbiome and Gout?

You see, so much of the chronic disease we see in the world today (like gout) has to do with the dangerous dysfunction going on in our stomachs, small intestine, and colon. So much of this has to do with overly excessive colonization of unhealthy bacteria, yeasts (candida), fungi, parasites and more. When we eat properly to maintain a robust herd of healthy bacteria in our guts, they crowd out the bad bacteria and keep the whole ecosystem in check.

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I didn’t wanna alarm ya Bert… But… Just beat one back…. No foolin, hurt like a muthaf%cka too… Turns out, me and absinthe don’t mix… But water water water, cherry juice and Advil will kick ass eventually…. I love your work big guy… One day I will be worthy!! ~ John

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What you might not know is that all sorts of good things happen in our intestines. The small intestines are charged with absorbing the nutrients properly and letting them into the blood and lymph to be carried to all the cells all over the body. The large intestine recycles the water in the body and synthesizes many vitamins like butyric acid, B1, B2, B12, and vitamin K.

Stop Gout Pain Now

There is so much study going on about this these days. I want to leave you with this: Do you know what a “fecal transplant” is? Can you imagine from the context of the phrase what that means? Click the link and find out more.



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