“Do Parasites Cause Gout?”

2pm MST, Thursday, January 8, 2015


I have to apologize!  I’ve moved into my new office and I didn’t realize that my internet connection was not going to be able to handle doing hangouts – the quality of this is not that great. But I will be adding to the copy here (see below) to give you a better overview of this connection of gout and parasites.

I am amazed at how most people sort of don’t realize the prevalence of parasites in our modern day life.  We all sort of think it’s a thing of the past or something that happens in third world countries – not so.  You, me, and just about everyone we know, has something going on with parasites.


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More About Parasites Causing Gout

I wrote a post about parasites and gout along time ago, before I got my nutrition certification.  Since then, I have a better understanding of just how parasites contribute to getting gout.  To make it simple, gout starts out as malfunctioning biochemistry – meaning that, the proteins (where most of the purines are in our diets) do not get digested, broken down, and properly processed.  When that happens, later on in the metabolic processes, excess uric acid is not eliminated correctly by the kidneys and that what results in a gout attack.

Again, that is very simplistic, but that’s it in a nutshell.  There are many more contributing factors to that malfunctioning biochemistry BUT, due to our low quality Standard American Diet, the substandard quality and amount of hydrochloric acid in our stomachs, the mis-sized and not completely absorbable foods/nutrients/substances in our small intestine, and the proliferation of bad bacteria, fungi, yeasts, PARASITES, and more in our large intestine…(phew)…all result in that malfunctioning biochemistry.

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Parasites can be especially problematic because they eat the food we are eating – resulting in less nutrition, they eat us (!), as in they feed off of our very tissues, and the create toxic waste by all their excrement, as well as their carcasses left behind in their process of living and dying.  Our biochemistry has to deal with all of that – no wonder we get gout!

At any rate, leave a comment or two if you have questions or anything to add.



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