Sleep Apnea and Gout – The Battle Rages On!

The connection of sleep apnea (SA) and gout was brought to my attention about a year and a half ago by Burton Abrams and it popped up in my Google Alerts again a few days ago.  Mr. Abrams put the relationship of sleep apnea and gout on my radar.  When that happened, a huge light bulb went on for me.

It’s not to say that everybody that has gout has SA.  Or, everyone who has SA has gout.  However, it certainly is one of those things that makes you stop and go “hmmmmmm?”.   When it comes to getting proactive about beating gout, this is something to pay attention to.

Here’s a slice from the  Sleep Apnea and Gout thread on the eHealth Forum:

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“Reference [3] in Noapnea’s above post clearly states that the hypoxia from sleep apnea leads to excess cellular generation of uric acid from the disintegration of cellular adenosine triphosphate, and the article demonstrates that excess uric acid is expelled afterward in the urine. Blood that was drawn for serum uric acid measurement in that study was taken in the morning after patients had awakened. Noapnea mistakenly assumes that the serum uric acid measured after awakening is representative of any temporary rise in serum uric acid during REM sleep hours earlier when the apnea was at its peak.

Inadequate Oxygenation

References [1] and [2] describe two effects of inadequate oxygenation from sleep apnea or other means — excess cellular generation of uric acid in the blood, and acidosis (reduced serum pH). This increased blood acidity means that the blood can retain less uric acid in solution. Thus, with more uric acid fed into the blood when the blood has reduced ability to keep it dissolved, there is increased likelihood that the uric acid will precipitate in the crystalline form which causes gout. Both elevated serum uric acid and low serum pH are widely recognized as conditions which can lead to a gout attack, and they both occur as a result of sleep apnea.”

SA and Gout…or Low Blood Oxygen Saturation

I did a post about the connection of SA and gout a while back.  Mr. Abrams keyed me into this information and I ran out the door and down the road with it.  We’ve all been brainwashed that when we have a particular health condition, it because of one thing.   And then here is one thing (a drug or a surgery) that will fix it.  Hold the phone!  Just learning how to breathe better is a huge step in the right direction.

We really need to start looking at our bodies and our physical health as cohesive machine or system. If the brakes are out on your car, just because it still runs, do you drive it? Hell no! As our bodies become more acidic it increases the likelihood of getting a gout attack.

The more we increase our awareness about connections like SA and gout and how to decrease the acidic accumulation in our bodies, the less prone we are to getting a visit from the ghoulish gout.

  Sleep Apnea and Gout – it’s for real.


Bert Middleton

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