We’ve all been trying to understand what gout is and how we have to add more to it. Pseudogout has hit this news, check out this article by Dr. Donahue:

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“Dear Dr. Donohue — I have pseudogout. It’s hard for me to explain to people, so I either tell them I have gout or I don’t tell them anything. Will you do me a favor and explain it in the paper? I’ll cut it out, carry it with me and give it to people who ask what I have. Thanks. — D.K.

Answer — “Pseudo” is the Greek word for “false.” Pseudogout is false gout, an illness that looks a lot like gout but really isn’t related to it.

With gout, blood uric acid level rises. Crystals of uric acid deposit in joints and give rise to gout pain. With pseudogout, the crystals that invade joints and the tissues around joints are calcium pyrophosphate. What causes the rise of these crystals isn’t known. It’s not diet. The first attack of gout usually involves the base of the big toe. With pseudogout, it’s the knee. The pain of pseudogout is not false; it’s quite real. Both crystals target other joints as time passes.

Even though these two are different processes, treatment is similar. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used for acute attacks of both, medicines like Indocin and Motrin. Colchicine, another gout medicine, is also used for an acute, painful attack of pseudogout. As in gout, cortisone injection of an inflamed joint reliably suppresses joint pain. The standard treatment of inflamed joints — ice packs and immobilization — are part of treatment for both illnesses.

Unlike gout, pseudogout doesn’t have as many medicines for the prevention of attacks. Colchicine can be taken on a daily basis to ward off attacks. However, should this illness develop into a chronic illness, medicines like methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine are often prescribed.

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Dude! Great and timely info!  Thanks for the heads up – my holiday will be gout free, and I hope yours will be gout free and ENJOYABLE!

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Here’s What I Know About Pseudogout…

…if your getting a build up of too much calcium pyrophosphate, (psuedogout crystals) there is some sort of  imbalance that is coming from a source of toxic acidic waste. Pseudogout is also called Chondrocalcinosis and is classified as a rheumatologic disorder.

As Dr. Theodore Baroody says it in his book, “Alkalize or Die”, “The countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…too much tissue acid waste in the body!”

My suggestion? Treat it just like regular gout…meaning ALKALIZE quickly!

I’m always amazed that they say “what causes the rise of these crystals isn’t known” – what crap! And then they try to pass it off as some genetic thing and convince you that you’re some sort of victim of genetics and that all you can do is take their pills. It’s beyond sad, it’s criminal.

Suffice it say, if you’ve got gout or pseudogout, i.e., the build up of pseudogout crystals, you’ve been treating your body like sh!t and now you’re paying the price…it’s time to change your ways!

   Pseudogout, like regular gout, is all about being too acidic.


Bert Middleton

“I know your pain. Let me help you kill your gout for good!  And teach you to advocate for yourself and take ownership of your gout recovery, by showing you how to live the gout-free lifestyle.” Two decades ago, Bert Middleton found himself diagnosed with gout. Like 8.3 million other people in the United States (approximately 4% of the population), he struggled helplessly with the physical, emotional, social, and financial impact that gout left unchecked can have on your life. Prescription drugs were of limited help… And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks left him unable to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures. His marriage was suffering. His finances were spiraling due to the impact gout had on his ability to work. And maintaining a social life was often nearly impossible. Tophi surgeries left him in terrible pain.  And he found himself depressed … and angry … that gout was stealing years of his life.

Until one day, after hundreds of hours of research and self-experimentation, Bert finally had a breakthrough and created a blueprint for a way of living that would prove to be “the answer” to living gout-free for nearly a decade now. Today, Bert and his “Gout Wife” Sharon devote their evenings and weekends to educating other gout sufferers on how to live the gout-free lifestyle. Showing others his 911 Emergency Response Gout Recovery Plan for getting PAINFUL gout attacks under control in as little as 4 hours. And then, how to make daily choices that keep gout under control for GOOD! So you can finally start LIVING again!