Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM for short) is an effective alternative remedy for gout, because it can eradicate both the painful symptoms as well as the underlying causes of this condition.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

TCM is over 3000 years old, and restores health by influencing:

  1. The flow of Qi (pronounced chee) – a type of energy that flows through channels or “meridians” in the body.
  2. The balance of Yin and Yang – a pair of opposing dynamic forces, upon which all life depends.

Yin and Yang Balance for Gout

In TCM, everything in life is classed as either yin or yang.  Yin energies are cooling, calming, moistening, light and expansive; Yang energies are warming, exciting, drying, heavy and condensing.

In general, yin energies are good for fighting gout and should be included:

  • Yin foods – Fruits, vegetables, roots, butter, nuts and seeds, raw dairy and water.
  • Yin activities – Meditation, Yoga, Walking, Tai-chi and chi-gong.

Yang energies are known to aggravate gout, and should be avoided:

  • Yang foods – Meat, fish, eggs, hard cheese, fried foods, and salt.
  • Yang activities – Overwork, Stress, and Aggressive sports.


Bi Syndrome and Gout

In TCM, gout is classified as a “Bi” (pronounced bee) Syndrome which is caused by the obstruction or stagnation of qi through the meridians due to either:

  1. Spleen qi deficiency (or weak digestion) – When food isn’t properly digested it becomes “obstructive”, and waste products like uric acid buildup in the blood.
  2. Blood stagnation – When qi doesn’t flow properly through the meridians, and uric acid can “stagnate” in the blood.

To treat Bi Syndrome, an acupuncturist will manipulate Qi in the meridians that are out of balance.

. . .

Hello Bert

Sorry to be traveling non-stop since I first downloaded your remedy for gout. Managed to complete the course before departure and left the state for a bit over two weeks. I also went off my meds for blood pressure and for cholesterol and left my rather elaborate multi-vitamins at home as well.

Having been having a prolonged gout attack that lasted an unprecedented two months (!!!) I was not optimistic about your thoughts on gout. But the price was right for the remedy and to my great delight I slowly began to recover so that upon returning home, my right foot was almost back to normal. So I postulated that you had helped but perhaps getting off other medications had contributed as well.

So I reintroduced the multi-vitamins yesterday and had an attack on my left foot by nightfall. I have cancelled my return to multi-vitamins and taken a second course of the Gout Killer remedy. I await this outcome knowing that whatever ails is likely to take days rather than hours to conquer.

It’s clear that the medical establishment is immune to resolving this age old condition. And it is the ultimate irony that colchicine has been licensed to a new owner (the first since 1790) and the price is now about $5 per pill. I have used this therapy successfully in the past but it was of no help in this latest marathon attack.

So thanks for your contribution to my alternative universe. I will continue to pursue your thoughts and if this latest round of Gout Killer puts me on a path to ending the immediate attack I’ll be back to purchase the more strategic follow up package as I will have been converted.

~ Sam

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TCM Herbs for Gout

The following formulas, or combinations of Chinese herbs, are commonly prescribed specifically for gout:

  • “Four Wonders Pills” (Si Miao Wan Jia Wei ) – Eliminates heat quickly.
  • “Pain Wind Decoction” (Tong Feng Tang) – Clears heat, nourishes the kidneys, and clears toxins.
  • “Joint Inflammation Tea Pills” (Guan Jie Yan Wan) – Reduces swelling and eliminates pain.
  • “Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction” (Juan Bi Tang) – Promotes joint health.
  • “Fang Feng” (a single herb, Ledebouriella divaricata) – Treats Bi Syndrome specifically.

    Bottom Line:  TCM can be very effective in the war on gout, both to eliminate gout pain and to prevent the recurrence of attacks.  Give it a try!