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A letter from Bert Middletona.k.a. “The Gout Killer”

Dear Friend,

I know you’re here because you’re having a gout attack…

Let me help.

I’ve been where you are, waaay too many times.

And I know how desperate you probably feel.  Because there really is NO PAIN like gout pain.  I’ve had women with gout tell me their gout pain hurts worse than child birth.

But here’s the good news… I have the answers you’re looking for.

I stumbled onto this 100% natural gout remedy over a decade ago.

And it became the foundation of a Gout-Free Living lifestyle program that’s allowed me to live FREE of gout pain…ever since.

It literally gave me life back.

And now I’d like to give you YOUR LIFE back…

Already Used By 1000s Of Gout Sufferers To Take Back Their Lives!

Just over two decades ago, when I was 38, I found myself diagnosed with gout …  It all started on a trip back to New Mexico from Texas.

I had a terrible pain in my ankle … and I’ll spare you the gory details … but a lot of ice and half a bottle of ibuprofen later, I landed in the emergency room.The final diagnosis?  Like 8.3 million other people in the United States, I had gout. And for the next decade, I struggled helplessly to control it as gout wreaked havoc on my life … taking a terrible physical, emotional, social and financial toll.

Prescription drugs were of limited help…

And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks was making it impossible for me to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures.  My marriage was suffering.  My finances were spiraling, because the gout attacks were making it difficult to work. And my social life?  That was gone too. 

Tophi surgeries had left me in terrible pain.  

I was depressed … angry … and deeply resentful that gout was stealing YEARS of my life. 

​Until one day, after hundredsof hours of research … and experimenting on myself … I finally had a breakthrough … ​It was a game changer.Suddenly I was in the driver’s seat, gout was no longer controlling the direction of my life.It was a discovery that would become the foundation of what I now call my Gout-Free Living lifestyle program.

Let Me Show You The Foundation Of MyGout-Free Living LifestyleProgram:

The Formula That’s Already Killed Gout Pain For 1000s of People Across North America And Around The World With Results In The First 2-4 Hours.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been living gout free for over a decade now.I’m sure that’s hard for you to imagine, if you’re currently battling another gout attack …But I want to give you some hope:I had one of the worst cases of gout I’ve seen, even among my clients.And yet here I am today, mountain biking … skiing … enjoying vacations with my wife … taking my nieces and nephews on little adventures …

Most days I don’t give gout a second thought. I feel truly blessed, I’ve taken back my life.But … I haven’t “cured” my gout.Just like an alcoholic is never “cured” … I know that we’re never really “cured” of gout either, and we must make daily choices about the food we eat, what we drink, what supplements we take, what kind of exercises we do, and so much more to make sure we STAY gout free.And that’s the road I’d like to start you on today…

​The First Step… Let’s Get You PAIN FREE!(TODAY… In the next 2-4 hours!)

If you’re overwhelmed by pain …… Then let’s take the first step together!Let’s get your current gout attack under control using “The Gout Killing Formula” that 1000s of people just like you have already successfully used to do the same thing.Stop your current gout attack COLD, in its tracks.I don’t care if this attack has been ongoing for weeks or longer…I don’t care how bad the pain is…

​You have my solemn promise: If you can commit to making a trip to the local grocery store TODAY (or get someone to go for you) … follow the dosing instructions I’m going to give you … for the next 6 hours … And SWEAR to give me a FAIR & FIGHTING CHANCE to help you by doing exactly as I say… Then I promise you’re going to feel DRAMATIC RELIEF within 2-4 hours of starting the dosing … 6-8 hours into the program you’ll be amazed … and 24 hours from now …Well, I expect I’ll have your full attention!And then, you and I can get focus on STEP #2, introducing you to the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make to stop living at the mercy of these random gout attacks……And start living PAIN FREE and GOUT FREE for decades to come.Just like me, and like 1000s of my clients.

Success Stories From REAL PEOPLE Just Like You Who Beat Their Gout Using This SAME Formula:

Here are just a small handle of the success stories I’ve received in emails, facebook messages, text messages, and more over the last decade since I made it my mission to share my drug-free methods for controlling my gout with the world. You can read over 65 pages worth of testimonials and success stories, here, too. And that’s only a fraction of what I’ve received.Phew, at some I just had to say “enough” because, of course, I work full-time, and devote my evenings and weekends to this.

Thank Your For Changing My Life… I am a very lucky man. Bert, I have a gorgeous loving wife, but 2 years ago I could barely take a walk with her due to chronic pain. I was spending more time on crutches than not, and I was figuring out how we were going to remodel our home to accommodate being handicapped.One year ago today I signed up for your plan and began executing. I can happily say that in this year I have been able to join my wife with going back to the gym, haven’t used the crutches once, canned the handicap home plans, and also went on several SNOWBOARDING trips with my wife!!!We have more snowboarding trips planned and are thrilled to be back amongst the “Active”.Thank you for changing my life!  Regards, Pete 

No Gout In A Long Time Thanks To You! “Thank you, Bert, I’ve come a long way. You helped a lot. I was a little goofy there for a while and had a number of physical problems. But gout hasn’t been one of them. Frankly your tips can benefit anyone. They are wise and sensible solutions to an overall better life. Thank you!” Jeff

He Hasn’t Had Gout In Over A Year Now! “Just checking in with you. I wanted to tell you that I haven’t had any gout problems in over a year now.  I sing the praises of [your recommendations] to people all the time.  I will keep you posted!” Eric

My Boyfriend Tried It… And It Worked! “Oh, my goodness! My boyfriend tried [your remedy] and, it worked! Thank you soooosoooo much! I was very worried! Thank you, again!” Elaine

Lost 15lbs And I’ve Had No Gout Flares Since November! “Thanks Bert. Down 15lbs since October 1st. No Gout flares since November 18th. Working on the alkaline diet.” Jim

It Worked Immediately, Like You Said It Would! “The remedy worked immediately as you said it would… has kept the swelling down.Not sure what caused the flare up… but your theory makes sense … The drugs the doctor prescribed were making me sick, so your remedy was a welcome relief.” Paul

No Full-Blown Gout Attacks Since Using This Program! “Bert, thanks for all of your help.  I haven’t had a “full blown” gout attack since I took your course.  Thanks!” Patrick

My Gout Is Finally In Check! “Thank you, Bert for the information. I placed my order last night for this product. My gout has been in check by using your program and I read on you e-mail.   Thank you very much.” Richard

Thanks For Leading Us To Gout-Free Lives! “Way to go, Bert!  As usual, you have done us all a great service by taking us from the ‘symptoms to the cause’ of the issue.  You have also done this without so much med talk that it goes over our heads. Thanks for leading us all with kindness and compassion to Gout free lives!” Ray

Your Tips Really Work … The Program Is Great! “Hi just letting you know I have been following some of your tips and everything works.  Your program is great and you know what you are talking about, so I’m trying to do the right things. Thanks again for the information.” Anderson

I Have Decided Not To Go On Medication… Thank You! “Well it is more than a year since you have guided me. Yes, I’m still here and haven’t missed one of your 365 messages. It’s been quite a journey. I’ve learned a lot.  Time for me to say thanks for your help, concern and encouragement. I still live in fear of another attack, however I’ve had a really good year. I had a problem on my cruise last year July … but with the Gout Killer formula and some medication they have been short lived.  I have decided not to go on permanent medication. My lifestyle has changed in the last couple of years as mentioned before.Keep up the good work.” Dave From Downunder

Thank God, No Gout Attacks In A Long Time! “Thank God I haven’t had a gout attack for a very long time, since we were first in touch. Keep up the good work.” Colm

My Tophi Is GONE!  “My tophi went away!  It was there for a month … and now it’s gone, my finger looks normal! In January I changed my [lifestyle] … thank you for your inspiration.  My gout is gone, I just have arthritis on my fingers, sometimes my feet hurt when I walk.   I’m not changing back to my old ways. I know people with Gout are far worse than I was and it was scary seeing those pics of their feet.I never went to the doctor and took any kind of meds.” Ruben

​Priceless Help for Gout Sufferers!  “​What you do is invaluable to help Gout sufferers.   I haven’t had an attack for over a year by taking note of all of your tips and help. Knowing, what to do and making lifestyle changes are key.  Thanks so much for all you do.” ​Mike

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