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#1 Rated Gout Relief ProgramThe Kill Your Gout Now Program (A $97 Value)

​The foundation of the Kill Your Gout Now Program is this concise yet comprehensive 58-page digital guidebook (with MP3 audiobook) that I’ll email to you in the next 5 minutes, as soon as your purchase is complete.

Bonus Gift #1:“What To Eat For Gout” (A $49.95 Value)

There is more to killing gout than just what you eat or don’t eat.  But what you eat or don’t eat is a pretty good place to start.​ You are not only going to get all the “how-to” and direction you need to assemble your own Kill Gout Diet, but you are going to understand WHY these choices will make such a big difference.

Bonus Gift #2:Answers To The 15 Most Common Questions…Every Gout Sufferer Wants To Know!  (A $39.95 Value) 

​Answers straight from the horse’s mouth (me! Ha ha) to these 15 most common questions every gout sufferer wants answered! No more searching the Internet … making notes … I’ve made this information efficiently available to you in this one complete audio recording.

Bonus Gift #3:The Gout-Free Lifestyle Guide (A $19.95 Value) 

I’m also going to send you this FREE GUIDE to living the gout-free lifestyle. Invest in a gout-free life … and don’t waste another penny on garbage products. .

Bonus Gift #4:Support Group Annual Membership (A $119.40 Annual Value) Experience The Relief, Confidence, and Healing That Comes When You’re Plugged Into A Community of Gout Warriors, Just Like You.

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