[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]HealthyVideosForGoutWe Live In Amazing Times.

There is so much information to take advantage of. And better yet, there is so much information about how to live a healthy life.

Part of living a healthy life is knowing what to avoid. The corruption in the world has made this a very toxic place to live and there is so much we need to become aware of. The video documentaries and more are great way to do that.

Below I’ve put together a list and summary of pertinent videos and other education and how-to, to help you along on your Kill Gout Quest.


   ☆ Super Size Me!

In some ways, this is the documentary that really blew the lid off of how fast food is killing us. Morgan Spurlock does a great (scary) job of revealing just how bad, how fast, eating fast food can be for the human body.  I have absolutely no doubt that fast food is what is behind the modern day epidemic of gout. You have to see this!


   ☆ Food, Inc.

If you really care – and you really should – about where your food comes from, how it’s produced, and who is behind it all, then you have to watch this documentary.  Food, Inc will get you in touch with the reality of what you are putting in your body, where it came from, how health it ISN’T, and make you rethink what you are doing to yourself.


   ☆ King Corn

Corn.  We are made of corn.  GMO, heavily processed, full of pesticides, corn.  That is what most of us are made of. And guess what?  Almost all of the processed food out there today is either made of wheat…or corn. Sometimes rice and soy.  What is it doing to us?  You will want to know, check out King Corn.