Acute gout is the beginning phase of the actual gout cycle. The person with the gout attack has now moved beyond the stage of hyperuricemia; elevated levels of uric acid in the bloodstream but no previous gouty events.

Acute gout is emotionally traumatic for most people who suddenly find themselves asking the question, what is gout? The intensity of the pain is incomprehensible because there was no associated physical injury or accident.

This episode of acute gout takes the sufferer completely by surprise. It can take anywhere from a few hours to more than a week to clear this initial introduction to gout.

Interval Gout

It is my personal opinion that the medical community creates a great deal of confusion by calling the time lapse between acute gout and when it becomes chronic, “interval gout”.

Based on my own experience and my observation of many others that I’ve helped overcome the various stages of gout, it takes an extended period of time to grasp the extent of what it means to have this disease.

An odd thing happens when you get over the first gout attack; you think it’s never going to happen again . . . until it does. The next time you have a debilitating and excruciatingly painful attack and you get over it, you think it’s never going to happen again . . . until it does.

Gout Medication for Acute Gout

There is no set number of gout attacks you have to experience before you stop calling it “acute” gout.

Generally speaking, most people move beyond the acute stage of gout when they realize that it’s happened enough times, and they now know they need to be proactive to prevent the next episode.

At this point, most of the world’s populations, being thoroughly indoctrinated to think that drugs are the answer to health problems, seek the counsel of a medical doctor.

This is unfortunate. The kind of intervention that gout drugs provide simply enables the unhealthy gout struggler to continue on with the very same destructive patterns and habits that created the gout problem in the first place.

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Bert, I know all about sleep apnea having been diagnosed in 1998.  I have used a CPAP since then, its a nuisance but very effective.  Thank God I haven’t had a gout attack for a very long time, since we were first in touch.  Keep up the good work.
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Behavioral Change

In the world today, there is no requirement for training in diet and nutrition for a medical doctor to become licensed. This is criminal.

Nevertheless, a good MD will also suggest, along with the prescription he is required by his malpractice insurance carrier to prescribe, to eat a “balanced diet”, (which he knows nothing about) and to avoid red meat, and alcohol.

Acidosis and Alkalinity

Doctors have been trained to chemically attempt to manipulate the human body with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. This is the wrong way to deal with an overly acidic body condition like gout.

The body is already struggling to regain a more healthful alkaline state. Synthetic chemicals further introduce acid-forming substances that the body recognizes as foreign invaders and simply exacerbates the problem.

The human body needs three sources of fuel to remain intact:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Water
  3. Food

When properly supplied in the right amounts and combinations, the body will regain its balance of acid and alkaline, and gout and other conditions of ill health are corrected naturally.

Remember!  Acute gout can be quickly overcome.