Millions of Americans wake up every day, and hear that little voice in their heads: “do I have gout? …again?!” It’s a problem that is spiraling out of control along with diabetes and heart disease. Some people become proactive about what they can do about gout, while too many others are completely bewildered by it.

If you have a red, swollen, hot-to-the-touch joint – often the big toe joint – there is a high likelihood that you indeed do have gout. Additional confirmation is that there is no logical or physical event that brought on this extreme joint pain.

Depending on whether or not there is an “again” at the end of the “do I have gout” question, you are either passing through the hyperuricemia stage of gout into acute gout, or moving on to chronic gout. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re in – now is the time to get educated about how to control gout and prevent future attacks.

What is Gout?

The question, “what is gout?” brings a wide variety of answers. Unfortunately, the most well-publicized and promoted information about how to treat gout comes from the pharmaceutical industry. Their answer is to manipulate uric acid levels – which is only a method to mask the symptoms of gout.

If you are struggling because that taunting voice in the back of your head is asking, “do I have gout?” yet again, it is time to action.

The Risk Factors

What the pharmaceutical industry wants you to focus on is that you are eating too much high purine food and drinking too much alcohol. This is not completely untrue but in this day and age there are other more serious factors to be aware of other than the purine content of the foods you’re eating. Alcohol is an obvious problem that needs no explaining; in regards to avoiding gout, avoiding alcohol is an obvious measure to take advantage of.

What has come to the forefront is that all the degenerative lifestyle diseases that the world is wrestling with today, denatured processed foods and an increasing number of untested toxic chemicals in the environment should be the first consideration.

Dr. Richard Johnson, author of, “The Sugar Fix” associates high fructose corn syrup with an increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease, as well as gout. Not only is the massive over-consumption of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks loaded with it, but HFCS is found in enormous amounts in a high percentage of ALL processed foods.

The other risk factor for gout that is grossly under-advertised is the deliriously dangerous effects of hydrogenated fats and oils. The human body depends on dietary fats; in the right balance from natural, undamaged sources. However with the advent of hydrogenated trans fatty acids, the world at large has declined in health at an unprecedented rate.

This comprehensive article by provides information about how hydrogenated synthetic fats alter the structure and flexibility of the cell membranes and cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more. (gout?)

The alarming and aggravating fact is that the World Health Organization tried to outlaw these devastating ingredients decades ago, and researchers, scientists and doctors strenuously warned us of the detrimental effects these denatured, damaged fats and oils have on human health.

High fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats are inextricably linked to Metabolic Syndrome – the cluster of health conditions; high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excess body fat in the midsection – that increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Will gout soon be added to that list?

What To Do About Gout

If the question, “do I have gout?” has come up again, “how to treat gout” is invariably the answer. Finding gout relief is not that difficult if you approach the problem with the determination to get to the root of the problem; an overly-acidic inner body environment.

The pH of the OVERALL body chemistry is governed by the kidneys. If the condition of gout is recurring, then there are probably various different contributing factors as to why the kidneys are slowly losing their ability to maintain pH balance. It is for this reason that uric acid inhibiting drugs only cover up the symptoms of gout.

There are three ways to assist the kidneys to recover and maintain balance of the body chemistry:

  1. Strong, full, and complete breathing
  2. Consistent hydration
  3. Healthy digestion and absorption

When blood oxygen saturation drops too low, the blood becomes acidic and it can become acidic with uric acid. Developing the discipline to use breathing exercises and techniques can be used to create lifelong, healthy breathing habits. This is central to both gout treatment and gout prevention.

Proper hydration with high-quality water is fundamental to gout pain relief during an attack. While it is most fortunate that “safe” water is available to us in developed countries, the chemicals and treatments that make these waters safe should be removed before drinking.

The adequate amount of water to consumed daily is:

  • Half your body weight in ounces – ex: 200lbs / 2 = 100oz of water per day

As far as diet, foods, and what to eat or not eat in regards to gout, there is an important distinction to be made between what is being consumed and how well it is being digested and absorbed.

If a diet of processed foods, fast foods – all foods that come in some type of box, bag, can, or bottle – has been the mainstay for years or decades, the digestion and therefore the ability to extract, absorb, and assimilate nutrients from foods – any food regardless of the quality – has been compromised.

Until proper digestion has been restored, it may not matter at all what foods you eat or do not eat; the organs of the gastrointestinal tract are not going to be capable of producing a balance of the pH of the body chemistry.

A very fundamental approach is to begin consuming fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, mostly raw. Supplementing with organic yogurt and kefir will help restore the beneficial bacteria in the stomach and intestines. One other way to assist in restoring good digestion is to use 2tbspn of apple cider vinegar in water several times a day, and also small amounts interspersed with every meal.

Additional Ideas For Prevention

Stress is at the root of many illnesses and the metabolic chemistry that it can create, helps to foster the right conditions for gout to flourish. Manage stress with habits of good, deep, full breathing.

Avoiding toxic environmental chemicals are an essential way to help protect the ability and function of the kidneys, liver, and other vital organs.

Stop Gout Pain Now

Finally, consistent exercise and the practice of getting healthy sleep are primary ways to maintain a strong immune system and balanced body chemistry.

Remember!  “Do I have gout?” Since you are here, on this page, the answer is “yes, you do.” Now go get busy.