The effectiveness of tart cherry juice for gout has finally received the recognition it deserves. It’s in the news about gout regularly how various doctors have accepted cherry juice for gout as a viable treatment and they now recommend it to their patients as part of an effective gout diet.

As the importance of antioxidants has grown and become mainstream, so has the understanding of the anti-inflammatory qualities of dark-skinned fruits like blueberries, red grapes, cherries and many others. It’s rather unfortunate that the undeniable results that are delivered by cherry juice for gout relief has gone unrecognized for the most part until now.

Where It All Began

If you do a search to uncover how the connection between gout and cherry juice was discovered, you will be lead to a story about Dr. Ludwig Blau that was published in Prevention Magazine in 1950. As the story goes, his bout with gout was so severe that he was confined to a wheel chair.

Quite by accident, Dr. Blau reportedly ate an unspecified quantity of cherries while sitting in his wheelchair and the next day the painful condition in his foot had disappeared.

Numerous other studies have been done to measure the effects of both cherries for gout, and cherry juice for gout, since then. One of those studies included results that eating either Bing cherries or Tart cherries showed decreases in urate levels in a “before and after” cycle. The obvious conclusion is that cherries and cherry juice is not only a viable gout treatment, but also good for gout prevention.

Why Cherry Juice Works to Control Gout

It’s not that difficult to explain why cherries for gout work so well. In an elementary way, they help decrease blood uric acid levels tremendously according to studies documented by ScienceDaily.

Although a very broad term, “antioxidants” are found in many dark-skinned fruits, green leafy vegetables, and many other sources. In fact, the very same uric acid that causes all the pain of gout is an antioxidant that the body produces to help control oxidative damage throughout the body.

Uric acid is created by the breakdown of purines; a substance that is part of the cell structure of every plant and animal. It becomes a problem when there is too much uric acid in the bloodstream and the kidneys and liver cannot process it quickly enough.

Cherries, cherry juice, and cherry juice concentrates and extracts, all contain a specific type or class of antioxidant called “flavonoids”. While antioxidants in general improve the health of the cell walls so that nutrients can get IN and wastes can get OUT more efficiently, flavonoids are also well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s the acidic buildup in the cells that exacerbate the gout problem in the first place, and it’s the flavonoids in the cherries that help to move it out AND curb the inflammation of gout at its most basic level.

In addition, cherries and tart cherry juice is high in potassium. As explained by Dr. Theodore Baroody in his famous book, “Alkalize or Die”, potassium in essential for maintaining good blood pressure and kidney function.

This helps to keep the urine more alkaline so the uric acid is more easily excreted and therefore prevented from being released back into the bloodstream.

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Different Types of Cherry Juice

The good news is that along with the common knowledge about cherries being an essential part of a good diet for gout, there are now many ways to get it, and forms to get it in. What is most important is that you look for organic sources of fresh cherries, or cherry juices, extracts, or concentrates that are made from organic cherries.

There is controversy about which is better; Tart cherry juice or Black cherry juice. There is not enough difference in results to choose one over the other. It really comes down to a preference in flavor or, changing them up for variety.

You can easily buy organic Black cherry or Tart cherry juice and/or their concentrates at health food stores or on Amazon. There are a number of brands like Swanson’s or Lakewood that provide high-quality products from organic sources.

Until they showed their true colors, R.W. Knudsen was a viable option but their opposition of Proposition 37 to label genetically engineered foods in California dropped them from favor.

Another more portable option comes in the form of Tart cherry capsules from Traverse Bay Farms. They boast the antioxidant benefit of 5+ glasses of tart cherry juice in each serving (2 capsules).

How Much

In addition to staying properly hydrated, combining 2oz of Black or Tart cherry juice concentrate with 10oz of good clean filtered water is a good preventative daily dose.

During a gout attack, combining 4oz of Black or Tart cherry juice with 4oz good clean filtered water and drinking it every 2 hours until the attack subsides is a common recommendation for gout relief.

  Remember!  Tart cherry juice and cherries for gout are quick and easy gout treatment and gout prevention.


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