Is high fructose corn syrup is killing us?

At every turn we hear about and read about how high fructose corn syrup is ruining our health…why is it still legal? There has been so much study and information published about the dangers of it, it borders on criminal activity. In relationship to diet and especially gout diet, HFCS is a very real threat.

This article high fructose corn syrup by Dana Flavin, MS, MD, PHD of sums it up for us in a perfectly alarming way:

“Fructose ingestion therefore contributes to fat deposits in the liver (fatty liver) and increases the amount of dangerous lipoproteins that enhance cholesterol deposits in blood vessels walls. This can lead to plaque buildup and narrowing of the blood vessels—a ticking time bomb for the development of both stroke and heart attack.”

As you’ve seen with most of my posts, I feel compelled and responsible to help draw attention to all the other dangerous diseases, conditions, and illnesses that seem to always arise in the same conversation with gout. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a likely culprit in the increase of not only obesity, but also unsurprisingly a villain and accomplice to the surge in the occurrence of gout.

What Are the Doctors Saying About High Fructose Corn Syrup?

The article of Dr.Flavin’s that I’m referencing is titled Metabolic Danger of High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Further into the article she also directly addresses uric acid and gout:

A recent study by Canadian researchers clearly shows that drinking high-fructose sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with elevated blood levels of uric acid. Known as hyperuricemia, this condition is incontrovertibly linked to elevated risk of suffering from the painful joint disease, gout.”

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I drink at least half my body weight in water per day. It’s filtered, I do also drink Alkaline water if I remember to pick it up. Along with other things I drink water all day. After I first started your program I was thinking I need to drink more fruit juice and then I realized that I was still taking in too much sugar. So now I just eat fruit and occasionally have some cherry juice. I’ve been gout free since I started and that alone is a reason to stay on your alkaline diet. It’s amazing how many things you normally eat that have acid in them, The trick is o get a list and just remembering the ones that are high in acid and after awhile it becomes second nature. You’ve had numerous things that come up like your shaving cream hint, it goes right into your blood stream And why not? Bert The Gout Killer, I am a living testament to that. Not to mention your diet is very good for you.


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With so much evidence pointing out all of the devastating and dangerous physiological problems stemming from the consumption of HFCS, why is it allowed to go on being so widely distributed? At the very least, products containing HFCS should be required to have a warning label like cigarettes do stating; “The Surgeon General has determined that Consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup is Hazardous to Your Health.”

   Remember!  High fructose corn 1syrup is a major culprit in causing gout.


Bert Middleton

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