2pm MST, Thursday, December 11, 2014…“Is the Way You’re BREATHING Giving You #Gout?” (watch the LIVESTREAM right here!) (watch on Youtube)

Oxygen is critical to EVERY human function.
Most often MORE IS BETTER!


…there is no one thing alone that causes gout…and no one thing alone that takes it away either.  But the reason this is an important topic for a gout hangout is because, gout or no gout, how we breathe affects our ability to oxygenate…and oxygen IS #1 when it comes to staying healthy and staying alive.   So, just to make it easy for you:  Yes.  The way you’re breathing is giving you gout.

…5 weeks, 5 days, 5 minutes…

We can go 5 weeks without food before we die.  We can go 5 days without water before we die.  But we can only go about 5 minutes without oxygen before we die.  So there you have it in a nutshell – oxygen (which requires breathing well) is more important than water, water is more important that food…for staying alive, AND for killing gout.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient we consume.  How well we consume, and more importantly, how well we utilize it, is fundamental to our quality of life.

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I’m gout free for LIFE, my man!

Hey Bert, how are you my man! a.k.a The Gout Killer! Sorry I’ve been real busy with family stuff but I haven’t forgotten anything I’ve learned from your book. It’s all in good practice and I’m exercising, drinking alkaline water, breathing, and everything else. I’m doing good; I’m gout free for life my man! lol! But like I said, I don’t get gout all the time but I love your techniques and knowledge. You’re the man! I’ll be in touch, peace out brother!

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But it’s a bit of a double-edge sword.  Oxygen causes things to breakdown; it causes metals to rust and wood to decay.  Which in a manner of speaking, is the same as the free radical activity and damage that goes on in our bodies.  Even in the foods we eat – proteins, fats, carbohydrates – proteins putrefy, fats rancidity, and carbohydrates ferment…when they come in contact with oxygen.

Sleep Apnea?

Maybe your sleep apnea problem is the way your breathing is giving you gout…?  Have you been tested?  Do you suspect that you might have sleep apnea?  Snoring is an indicator or symptom that sleep apnea might have something to do with your gout problem. 

Stop Gout Pain Now

Maintaining good blood oxygenation saturation is – IMO – the most important thing to work with in regard to killing gout.  Whether that is a current gout attack, or preventing the next one, breathing fully, deeply, and completely is the starting point.  And, just as a tip: Focus on the exhale!

☆ Remember:  Breathing is the thing you need to learn how to do correctly to stay healthy and have a good life.  The way you’re breathing is giving you gout…or not.



Bert Middleton

“I know your pain. Let me help you kill your gout for good!  And teach you to advocate for yourself and take ownership of your gout recovery, by showing you how to live the gout-free lifestyle.” Two decades ago, Bert Middleton found himself diagnosed with gout. Like 8.3 million other people in the United States (approximately 4% of the population), he struggled helplessly with the physical, emotional, social, and financial impact that gout left unchecked can have on your life. Prescription drugs were of limited help… And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks left him unable to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures. His marriage was suffering. His finances were spiraling due to the impact gout had on his ability to work. And maintaining a social life was often nearly impossible. Tophi surgeries left him in terrible pain.  And he found himself depressed … and angry … that gout was stealing years of his life.

Until one day, after hundreds of hours of research and self-experimentation, Bert finally had a breakthrough and created a blueprint for a way of living that would prove to be “the answer” to living gout-free for nearly a decade now. Today, Bert and his “Gout Wife” Sharon devote their evenings and weekends to educating other gout sufferers on how to live the gout-free lifestyle. Showing others his 911 Emergency Response Gout Recovery Plan for getting PAINFUL gout attacks under control in as little as 4 hours. And then, how to make daily choices that keep gout under control for GOOD! So you can finally start LIVING again!