Who is The Gout Killer? YOU are The Gout Killer!

The Gout Killer website was created to change the worldwide conversation about how to manage gout – instead of “treating” gout with pharmaceuticals, there is a better way that will leave your entire being in a healthier state.


Bert and Sharon like to spar about which of them was the ORIGINAL Gout Killer. Bert think he is, because he made a personal DECISION to do whatever it would take to get rid of his gout once and for all…and he did it.

Sharon thinks she is, because it was her knowledge of natural healing and good cooking that healed Bert’s out-of-balance biochemistry….and it did.

They are both right, and they are both dedicated now to helping YOU become a Gout Killer too!

Explore the site, grab some Gout Killer Training….and get back to living the pain-free life you once knew.