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    Ionized Alkaline Water

This first part about alkaline water for gout treatment and prevention will get the attention of all you gout strugglers:

  • Uric acid is nearly insoluble in water, alcohol, and ether, but soluble in solutions of alkaline salts. In other words, it becomes soluble in alkaline water. Arthritis and gout are caused by uric acid deposited between the joints, non-dissolved due to the low alkalinity of an older person’s blood. Drinking acid free ionized alkaline water will gradually elevate one’s blood pH and the gout will disappear naturally. (Courtesy of Sang Whang)


Why Alkaline Water

Gout is an extremely painful condition that is the result of excessive uric acid in the bloodstream crystallizing in one of the joints. The reason that it has crystallized in one of the joints is because it was not properly dealt with by the kidneys.

Among other important functions, the kidneys are responsible for balancing the pH of the body chemistry. Because there is an over-abundance or accumulation of so many other acidic materials currently in the body, the kidneys simply do not have the capacity to deal with the uric acid.

One day I will be worthy!!..

I didn’t wanna alarm ya Bert… But… Just beat one back…. No foolin, hurt like a muthaf%cka too… Turns out, me and absinthe don’t mix… But water water water, cherry juice and Advil will kick ass eventually…. I love your work big guy… One day I will be worthy!!   ~ John

The alternative method that the ingenious human body has devised for this occasion, is allow the excess uric acid to crystallize in a joint far from the vital organs.

Helping the kidneys by 1) reducing the intake of acidic substances making their way to the inner environment, and 2) taking measures to help alleviate and eliminate the acidity that is present – this is where ionized alkaline water comes to the rescue.

What Can You Expect From
Ionized Alkaline Water?

  • Neutralize and flush toxic acid wastes from your fat, muscles and joints
  • Eliminate aches and pains
  • More Energy
  • Joints operate more easily with better range of motion
  • Greater Blood Oxygen Saturation
  • Clearer thinking and thought processes
  • Improved Organ Function
  • Stronger Cardiovascular, Immune, and Digestive Systems
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Bert Middleton

“I know your pain. Let me help you kill your gout for good!  And teach you to advocate for yourself and take ownership of your gout recovery, by showing you how to live the gout-free lifestyle.” Two decades ago, Bert Middleton found himself diagnosed with gout. Like 8.3 million other people in the United States (approximately 4% of the population), he struggled helplessly with the physical, emotional, social, and financial impact that gout left unchecked can have on your life. Prescription drugs were of limited help… And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks left him unable to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures. His marriage was suffering. His finances were spiraling due to the impact gout had on his ability to work. And maintaining a social life was often nearly impossible. Tophi surgeries left him in terrible pain.  And he found himself depressed … and angry … that gout was stealing years of his life.

Until one day, after hundreds of hours of research and self-experimentation, Bert finally had a breakthrough and created a blueprint for a way of living that would prove to be “the answer” to living gout-free for nearly a decade now. Today, Bert and his “Gout Wife” Sharon devote their evenings and weekends to educating other gout sufferers on how to live the gout-free lifestyle. Showing others his 911 Emergency Response Gout Recovery Plan for getting PAINFUL gout attacks under control in as little as 4 hours. And then, how to make daily choices that keep gout under control for GOOD! So you can finally start LIVING again!