Every bit as painful and debilitating, gout in the hands can set in deep and be very hard to remove unless you recognize the signs early and take action. As with the other joints of the body, the pain that comes with symptoms of gout in the hands is brought on by excess uric acid in the bloodstream.

Hand gout is not as common as big toe gout (podagra), but the wrist, hands and fingers are at risk. As with other joints, understanding that gout symptoms in the hands is an inner body condition of over-acidity. These gouty events are caused by the kidneys temporary inability to balance the pH of the body chemistry.


Gout 101

What is gout? What causes gout? Very simply, the root cause of gout in the hands, and every other joint, is poor kidney function. The actual pain is caused by uric acid crystallizing in a joint. When uric acid crystallizes it forms microscopic, needle-like crystals that resemble shards of glass; they embed themselves between the joints and in the connective tissues.

Uric acid is the by-product of the metabolism of purines. Purines are a chemical constituent of the cells of all animal and plant food sources. Also, purines are made in the cells of the body itself. In processing purines, uric acid is created and it is used by the body as a protective antioxidant.

When it becomes excessive, it becomes a problem – not only for the painful episodes of gout, but also it can cause kidney stones and renal complications. This happens due to a gradual process of accumulation and a slow decline of the kidneys ability to deal with the fluctuations of body chemistry.

When symptoms of gout in the hands present themselves, it is the result of the alternate method the body has created to deal with the momentary over-load of uric acid.

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Initial Signs of Gout in the Hands

Gout symptoms in the hands start with an odd “ache” or stiffness. Often the person experiencing the onset of the attack thinks that they must have sprained their wrist or fingers unknowingly.

To the uninitiated, this phase passes all too often without appropriate attention and uric acid slowly continues to crystallize.


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Stiffness Sets In

Eventually, the gout occurrence in the hand or wrist starts to become stiff and lose mobility. At this point the constant ache has become alarmingly apparent and cannot be ignored.

Many people at this point reach for pain pills. This is logical but more often than not, the body chemistry is still continuing in the direction of over acidity. To interrupt the cycle of uric acid crystallizing the joint, the body chemistry needs to be reversed and brought up to a more alkaline level.

Increasing Inflammation

If left unchecked, swelling and inflammation set into the hand area and the pain intensifies. Another casualty of a gout attack in the hand is loss of work or income. Typing and the ability to grip or hold any kind of tool is greatly impaired.

Heat and Redness

If the process of alkalizing has not been implemented, extreme heat and redness accompany the massive pain and swelling. The heat generated by the joint can be astounding, and can cause generalized fever. The skin will turn bright red and shiny because it is stretched so tightly, and the whole hand can take on an appearance of a red balloon.

Remedies for Gout Symptoms in the Hands

There are number of ways to reverse the ravages of hand gout:

  • The first course of action is to take advantage of a specific order, or FORMULA, of simple baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Done correctly, in most cases it can bring the intensity of the attack to a halt in a matter of just a few hours.
  • Next, soak the hand/wrist in warm water with Epsom salts. This helps to neutralize the acidity in the tissues affected. Alternate soaks with icing – wrap icepacks in a towel and ice thoroughly.
  • Take large doses of vitamin C. Studies have shown vitamin C helpful in reversing the effects of a gout attack because it is a powerful antioxidant. The brand “Emegen-C Lite with MSM” is an inexpensive choice.
  • Eat fresh celery, apples, bananas, and cherries. These fruits help move acidity out at the cellular level, and assist in raising the pH up to more alkaline levels.
  • And . . . Breathe. Long slow inhales through the nose, pause, long slow exhales out the mouth, pause – start over. The blood has too much uric acid in it – breathing in a focused and sustained manner, oxygenates the blood and reduces acidity.

Preventing Future Gout Attacks

Maintaining more alkaline body chemistry is the way to avoid gout symptoms in the hands after the current attack has been extinguished. While the viable methods vary, common to all of them is good breathing and blood oxygenation, consistent hydration, and a healthy diet of mostly alkaline-forming foods – fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoiding all types of processed foods and fast foods is mandatory as they are one of the sure causes of gout.

    Remember!  The symptoms of gout in the hands have to be dealt with as soon as they present themselves.