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Prevent Gout?

When it comes right down to it, what else is better for gout treatment than gout prevention? I’ve interacted with thousands of people over the years now about their struggles with gout and it all comes down to the same damn thing: How do you keep it from happening in the first place? What is the best gout prevention?

Of course, the whole conversation about gout prevention can become long, drawn out, and complex…it doesn’t need to be. I want to explain but lets start out with a little help with the definition of prevention:


pre•ven•tion [ pri vénshən ]
pre•ven•tions Plural
1. action that stops something from happening: an action or actions taken to stop somebody from doing something or to stop something from happening – “the prevention of crime”
2.something that acts to prevent something: an action that makes it impossible or very difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen – “taking aspirin as a prevention against heart attacks”
. . .
I’m happy to have you as my gout coach. I really needed the support. There are not too many of us out there and the ones that are prefer to just rely on drugs. That is why I felt so alone in my struggle. After reviewing your Session on movement I had an epiphany when you said how acidic a body can get after over exertion. Then I though to myself the last two times I felt gouty was after working out waaay too hard. But, I never actually made the correlation. I just thought lactic acid and uric acid were two different things and were not related in terms of gout. I have learned to moderate my workouts to about an hour and I just did yoga last night. I felt good and was able to sleep good last night. Usually I worked out hard for like 3-4 hours, totally red-lined it, then would feel super hungry after 4 hours. I would eat a small meal, then would try to ignore my hunger cravings for another few hours, then I would just pig out and stay up all night cuz my body can’t relax from all the adrenaline still in my body. In retrospect it seemed extremely counterintuitive when my goal was to be healthier and prevent gout. I am so happy to have you as my personal gout coach. Life is hard enough as is, and when you add gout on top of that it can get too damn overwhelming. It is hard enough to do it alone, but knowing I have you on my side gives me a great sigh of relief and more confidence that I can finally succeed. ~ Roland
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Our Discussion

And it’s the perfect cue for me to go into my favorite rant: Asprin?…to prevent heart attacks? Oh my dog, this the quintessential example of not only that we have been brainwashed, but also how. How come the definition example of prevention didn’t say something like, “walk for a half an hour every other day and eat generous amounts of fruits and vegetables as a prevention against heart attacks”?…just like we do for gout, right?

Everyone has different ideas of what “prevention” means to them. Due to thorough and reinforced indoctrination by the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA, relatively the entire population has come to associate drugs with health. This could not be anything farther from the truth. Think back and remember: drugs are for sicknesses that you’ve already found yourself battling – prevention is how you stop them from happening in the first place.

Using drugs like Allopurinol for gout prevention work to reduce uric acid levels. This of course is a good idea if you’ve got too much…and if you don’t care how you got too much. The fact of the matter is that 90% of the people with high uric acid levels and gout, don’t produce TOO MUCH uric acid…they simply can’t get rid of what they have made, fast enough. But hey, there’s more that one way to skin a cat, right?

It’s usually about right here that the “but gout is genetic” excuse kicks in. Well, I guess I’m going to have to be the one to break the news to you, but the Human Genome Project was actually designed by venture capitalists…sorry to burst your bubble dude. It was just like anything else: a monolithic plot to cash in big. If you want to re-frame your thinking about what role genetics really play in your happy-go-lucky gout life, this is the guy to talk to: Bruce Lipton

(Uric) Acid and Alkaline

Here’s what I don’t get – everyone else in the world is totally on board with the understanding of the need to pay attention to the acid/alkaline balance of the body chemistry . . . except your doctor. It’s like, your doctor knows absolutely nothing about health…he or she is trained in sickness…as in what to do, when it’s too late!

Like I was saying earlier, the whole conversation about how to prevent gout attacks from happening gets in to this complicated discourse about why it happens and which foods cause it…which drives me absolutely batshit!

If you just keep it simple, as in “alkaline is the opposite of acid”, just like Theodore Baroody says in his book, “Alkalize or Die”, the battle is half over. The super-supreme, big-time bonus to all that, is that the gout battle IS half over, but so are a MILLION other health issues you’re probably already dealing with, OR you’re going to have to be dealing with them soon. It really is a damn good deal!

Gout Prevention is Done by “Alkalizing”

This is the part I LOVE…or at least I LOVE to explain.

Our bodies need three things to keep on going, and the higher quality of these three things you learn to get for yourself, the healthier and more gout free you’re going to be – so here they are…are you ready?

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Food

However, the part where this gets totally screwed up, is that you have try REALLY hard to keep them in THIS order and here’s why:

  • without Air (or oxygen) we die in five minutes
  • without Water, we die in about five days, but
  • without Food, we can go for five weeks!

99.9999999% of everybody out there has it completely bass-ackwards…they’re always thinking food, fooD, foOD, fOOD, FOOD! They can’t stop stuffing their faces (that’s not you is it?) with whatever they can get their hands on! In this world today, that is one hell of a dangerous thing to do! 99.9999999% of the most affordable and available food out there is TRASH! It’s a wonder they can even get away with calling it “FOOD”!

So there you’ve got it – true gout prevention: AIR – WATER – FOOD…in that order – that’s gout prevention. Learning how to breathe fully and completely takes work. Drinking not only the right amount of water, but the right water is next. And they ain’t nuthin’ like good, wholesome, organically-grown vegetables and fruits straight outcher garden.

Once you’ve got a handle on putting the right fuel in your big old Mad Magazine body, there are four other areas that you need to put some attention on and learn to continually make progress in:

  1. Stress
  2. Toxic environmental chemicals
  3. Exercise
  4. Sleep

Those four areas of your life sometimes directly influence the overall acidity of you inner terrain, and at other times only indirectly. If you notice, all of everything that I’ve laid out for you here is the same stuff you grandmother told you, you needed to do to stay healthy when you were a little kid. If you can’t remember that far back, go get my ebook or shoot me an email – but I’ll promise you this…I’m not as nice as your grandmother…I’m the one with the meat cleaver.


    Remember!  Gout Prevention: Alkaline is the Opposite of Acid.