There are plenty of foods that cause gout…but there are plenty of other things that contribute just as much and they don’t get talked about often enough.

Everybody’s always talking about too much uric acid as the cause of gout, but does the body become over acidic just from food? NO!

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It’s Not Just Foods That Cause Gout…

Foods that cause gout are one thing, but Stress is the biggest factor in how are bodies become over acidic. Check out what they said about Cortisol, the stress hormone over at LIVESTRONG:

Large amounts of cortisol secretion can have detrimental effects. It can raise blood pressure and decrease bone density. In addition, its suppression effects on the immune system can reduce the system’s ability to respond and address health situations.”

See…it’s not just foods that cause gout and and too much acidity – Stress is way worse! My personal story not only includes the stress of divorce, heartbreak, financial ruin, and physical exhaustion, but also toxic chemicals that brought it on in short order.

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Hi, just letting you know I have been following some of your tips and everything works.  Your ebook is great and you know what you are talking about, so I’m trying to eat the right way and do the right things. Thanks again for the information. ~ Anderson

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The Worst Foods That Cause Gout

What is difficult for me to understand it that all these fine foods that cause gout…are not the foods that most people eat. So why is gout skyrocketing? Because the foods that are causing it are all the processed foods, fast foods, sugary soft drinks, and genetically engineered foods. Do you want to get rid of gout? Go to the grocery store, buy everything from the produce section and come home and make it yourself. You will stop getting gout attacks if you do.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love steak & lobster and I still eat it almost every chance I get – I’m more careful now. But I don’t worry as much about foods that cause gout as much as I used to. I’ve figured out how to slay the gout beast. Learning that just trying to manipulate how much uric acid is or isn’t being produced was what finally opened the door to getting gout-free.

Understanding how the cells work, antioxidants & free radicals, and getting educated about how to alkalize to counteract ALL the acidity in my body is what set me free!

   ☆ Remember!  Don’t be afraid…knowing what to eat is a good thing, but it’s more than just foods that cause gout.