In my humble Gout Killer opinion, in killing gout, we’re all way too distracted with the concept of uric acid. It’s true that it’s the substance that ends up crystallizing in our joints and causing all the pain, but uric acid is not the only acid or form of acid that our bodies make or that results in a condition of acidosis…and subsequently the cause of gout pain.

Uric Acid Gout

The two things that you hear about gout being caused by uric acid all the time are: “it’s a rich man’s disease” and “it’s caused by consuming too much rich food and alcohol” – both are only marginally true…especially in this day and age.

  • First of all the “rich man’s disease” myth got started in old time England when they were first starting to make jugs, plates, vessels, utensils, etc. out of Lead – the metal substance. The lead leached out into the food and drinks and caused lead poisoning, which causes poor kidney function and kidney disease, which decreases the elimination of uric acid among other things. Only the rich folks had all the stuff made of lead.
  • Second, food & drink are not the only ways our bodies take on and accumulate acidity in general; the air we breathe, the stuff that contacts our skin, and the chemicals our bodies make when we’re too stressed, too often (coritsol & adrenaline)…all contribute to an overall condition of acidity that assists in getting uric acid out of control.

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Hi Bert,

I’m so glad I found you online. I was having trouble with my hands always being cold. Went to the Dr’s. I guess he was checking for arthritis. My UA was 7.9 and he put me on 300mg of Allopurinal and told me not to eat seafood. I never felt good on it. A month passed and I started getting a rash all over my body. He told me to stop the medication. My UA went down to 4.4 on the medication.
I have been very careful about my eating. Trying to drinks lots of water. Exercising everyday. I’ve lost about 13lbs. so far.

I don’t have an ugly toe picture to send you…but did have some twinges now and then. I had dropped something on my foot months ago and just thought I injured something. Boy was I wrong! Not having any trouble now (knock on wood). Just scared and concerned about that high UA level. Do to go back to the Dr. on Dec. 10 for blood work.

Thanks again for being there and helping others. You have so much helpful information. I am trying to apply it to my life. Feeling better already.



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What You Can Do

The pharmaceutical gout drugs that are used to control gout function to inhibit the production of uric acid. (so you can go on abusing yourself for a while longer) While this serves a purpose, the real problem is not that the body is producing too much uric acid…it’s not able to get rid of the amount that it is making. If your gout has moved to chronic gout, take the drugs as your doctor directed.

However, learning to be your doctors best patient is a new way to look at this. Getting proactive and educated about alkalizing – minimizing the addition of more toxic accumulation and cleaning up what’s already there, is the thing to do.

While the ability to actually lower uric acid by natural methods as suggested by is slow, it is possible with a long-term plan and the diligence to carry it though. Taking advantage of the assistance of pharmaceutical drugs is good idea as a short-term solution; the goal should be to slowly decrease the dosages and then eliminate them altogether.

Make a plan with you doctor – if your doctor is hooked on drugs, take the prescriptions and make your own plan to balance you pH and clean up your health. It’s your uric acid and it got out of control due to the choices you’ve been making over the course of your life – make new choices and kill that gout!

  ☆ Remember!  Manipulating uric acid is not the only way to manage gout.