After my first gout attack, I heard the rumors about cherries being good for gout, so I ate some, and to be honest, I didn’t notice any earth-shattering benefits. But a few years later, as I felt yet another severe gout attack starting up, I went to the grocery store and bought a bottle of pure tart cherry juice. I drank the entire bottle that day, diluted with water.

By the next day, I could feel the gout attack backing off somewhat, and by the following day, it was gone. Drinking that entire bottle of cherry juice seemed to knock the wind right out of what was shaping up to be another horrendous gout attack lasting many days . . . instead it was just a few twinges for a couple of days. I was grateful.

After this experience, I began investigating the gout-cherry connection. The scientific research that I uncovered was simply stunning. I also tried whole cherries again, this time eating a larger serving on a regular basis (as described below) and quickly noticed the positive results that others had told me about.

If you haven’t added cherries to your Gout Killing efforts, I strongly encourage you to consider it.

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