People who eat a 100% raw and living diet are often vegetarians, but going without meat is not the best option for those suffering from gout. However, incorporating raw foods into your gout diet on a daily basis has many gout-related advantages.

Benefits of Raw and Living Foods

Three primary digestive enzymes found in raw and living foods help fight gout:

  1. Protease — used to break down proteins into amino acids and helps with purine management.
  2. Lipase — used to break down fats into fatty acids and helps reduce the inflammation of gout.
  3. Amylase — used to break down carbohydrates (including sugars) into glucose and helps avoid insulin resistance associated with elevated uric acid levels.

What Are Enzymes?

Thousands of enzymes exist in the human body to keep everything working as it should. The body produces the digestive enzymes referred to above, but its capacity to do so diminishes with age.

It’s also important to keep in mind that heating foods above 115 degrees F destroys all enzymes and causes a significant loss of vitamins and minerals.

These circumstances make it important to eat raw and living foods — especially as we age — as part of a natural gout treatment plan.


Raw Foods for Fighting Gout

Good foods to eat raw in your gout diet include:

  • All fruits and vegetables — the fresher, the better, so as to provide the most nutrients.
  • Dairy — the beneficial bacteria help colonize the GI tract with probiotics.
  • Eggs — eat eggs raw and runny, as long as they are fresh and from local organic sources.
  • Meat and fish — eat both raw and lightly seared, as long as they are very fresh and organic.

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Living Foods for Fighting Gout

Living foods are…still alive! And living foods have even more enzymes than raw foods. For example, a raw seed (or nut) contains enzymes in a dormant state, but if you soak that seed in water, it will begin to sprout and become a living food containing even more enzymes.

Good foods to eat live in your gout diet include:

  • Nuts and seeds — soak them overnight in water to transform them from raw to living.
  • Garden-fresh fruits and vegetables — when eaten within a few hours of picking, they are still considered to be alive.

  Bottom Line:  Eating raw and living foods on a daily basis will help make your body gout-proof!