Is Curing Gout Possible?

I really like the way Jeff is approaching this and his attempt at curing gout, but daammn, he musta spent $200 just buying all that stuff. (see below)

I use a lot of the same stuff and ideas but, it comes down to this, it’s easier to prevent gout than it is to be curing gout . . . which incidentally, there is no curing gout – there is controlling it, preventing it, or managing it – but having a gout is like being an alcoholic: once you’ve got it, all there is after that is staying on a path of recovery.

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My personal opinion is that you are doing just fine Bert.  You can’t cure all of us until we do our part and doesn’t it come down to lie style and healthy habits more than anything?  Probably different for each of us, but only we can find the correct road for ourselves.  You keep teaching and we’ll keep learning and maybe we can finally use the “C” word for gout soon…CURE!  ~ Martha

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I’ll never forget the day when I was researching and writing about gout treatments and was amazed by how much information there was about the connection between gout, diabetes, and heart disease. I thought, “I better tell everybody” . . . then I thought, “wait a minute! I HAVE GOUT!” That was the day that I realized I was on a mission and the first person that was gonna get saved was me! You’re next! Then you tell everybody else!

I Have My Own Idea About Curing Gout

It goes like this:

Keep it right there on the front of your brain that the overall toxic acidic waste that accumulates in the body creates the right environment for uric acid to get loose and out of control and cause those god-awful gout attacks!

NIAMS – the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease includes exposure to Lead, alcohol consumption and pharmaceutical medications as common causes of gout.

Stop Gout Pain Now

If you’re thinking of curing gout, think not only of all the trash food you eat and the hooch you drink, think about how over-the-top STRESSED you make yourself, all the toxic crap you breathe and smear all over yourself, how shallow and shitty you breathe, and how beyond dehydrated you are! You will never cure your gout!

 + Remember!  Curing gout requires a lifestyle overhaul.