When it comes to home remedies for gout…or any kind of home remedies that matter, what kind of an image does that conjure up in your mind? Personally, it wasn’t until I got going with what would be categorized as gout home remedies, that I finally made significant progress and put gout behind me for good.

Even better than that, it was because of these gout home remedies that I became a lot healthier…and a lot happier.

Being in that kind of pain really makes you no fun to be around…just ask my wife.


It was with that in mind, that I came across this article from the Alamogordo News that inspired me to do this little post about good herbs for gout treatment, and arthritis and inflammation in general. It follows along with the typical mindset of a good portion of the population – it’s that time of year already to be checking your list of New Year’s Resolutions . . . how are you doing with yours?

I added a section of this article because it made an excellent reference to home remedies for gout, check it out:

New Year’s Resolutions Gone Awry

Ashwaganda is an herb from India that raises metabolism for weight loss, stimulates digestion, clears mucus, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation. It is good for arthritis, the heart, dementia and helps control diabetes.

Turmeric is another herb that continues to make huge strides helping arthritis, heart disease, inflammation and pain from all causes. It is a stronger antioxidant than vitamins C and E and improves the body’s own anti free-radical healing ability. Vast amounts of research has validated its effectiveness for use on a daily basis.

From our own area, Yucca root has proven worthwhile with every population in New Mexico and rivals the best of ancient Greek and Indian treatments. It is a natural cortisone pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, a digestive aid, lowers hypertension, reduces high cholesterol levels and reduces the incidence of migraines. For the past two-thousand years, Yucca has been used for everything from treating sunburn to making clothes from its leaves.

Another local plant with a few centuries of effective healing is Devil’s Claw and has been used in Europe since the Middle-Ages. Then as now, it helps with joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, artery hardening, kidney disorders, liver ailments, diabetes and relieves gout with no side effects. Ironically, today’s farmers spend millions trying to kill it as a weed in our Southwestern fields. Deservedly, is should instead be harvested.

Another of the gifts from our desert is Nopal, also called Prickly Pear Cactus. Archeological evidence shows it has been used as a food and as medicine since 800 A.D. for inflammation, as a diuretic, skin softener, sunburn remedy, diabetes, an energetic, immune builder, and now we know that it balances cholesterol and triglycerides. The flower bud makes a wonderful jelly and “nopalitos” are a tasty addition to our Southwestern food recipes.

It would be a huge mistake to not include Cayenne (Capsicum) from the list of pain relievers. Every continent and every culture has used Cayenne for arthritis, heart disease, indigestion, lack of energy, muscle pain, circulation, blood flow and cholesterol ever since Capsicum was introduced by Columbus to Europe in 1493.

Home Remedies for Gout Should be Taken More Seriously

I thought this was a great artcle! I wish I’d written it! But now the best I can do is pass it on as a gout home remedies reference.

Starting out with getting it into our heads that when it comes to making our bodies work better and stay strong, all it takes is a 15 minute walk a day! Do you walk everyday? What will it take to make you make it a habit?

. . .

Hi Bert:

It is time to say a big “Thank You” for teaching me to manage my Gout. There is a bit of a confluence of ideas that you work with, all aimed at the reduction of the probabilities of gout and you teach them well. And circumstances in our own lives enabled us to be able to respond to all six-seven areas of your instruction. And sure enough, the past year has proven to be gout free, and I’ve managed to complete all of my intermediate health and wellness goals in the same interval. I think of it as the equivalent of chewing gum and walking at the same time. Not perfect, but very helpful.

Now I know that you know that everyone who suffers from gout is not up for the remedies that you endorse, and they prefer to respond with prescription drugs and their various side effects and interactions. But when I found you on the internet I had concluded that a non-prescription solution was what I preferred.

So thanks for teaching the tools and methods and giving me the vocabulary for attentive management of this damnable condition. You’re a Prince!!!

~ Sam

. . .

Let’s go back and review all the different herbs that help with arthritis and inflammation…which also falls into the category of home remedies for gout:

  • Ashwaganda
  • Turmeric
  • Yucca root
  • Devil’s Claw
  • Nopal
  • Cayenne

If you’re not familiar with these herbs or how to use herbs, just visit your local health food store. Many of these herbs come in capsulized forms, or in tinctures that are really easy to use. I like to use turmeric and cayenne to cook with or throw them in with a salad. Once you get going with it, it’s easy to get creative.

  Remember!  Home remedies for gout are the best way to go.