For the ultimate in gout prevention exercise, I highly recommend rebounding! 

The rebounder, or mini-trampoline, first became popular in the 1980’s due to the numerous health benefits it offers.  Rebounding is especially beneficial if you are battling gout, because:

  • It is excellent for weight loss, which can significantly reduce the risk of gout.
  • It is known for improving the flow of lymph, which helps rid the body of toxins and uric acid.
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system, and improves circulation for better blood oxygenation.

Rebounding For Gout

The lymph system in our body carries toxins and wastes away from our cells, so they can be neutralized by the liver and excreted by the kidneys.  And the kidneys are responsible for getting rid of excess uric acid from our blood.

But if the kidneys are burdened by excess toxins and wastes, due to a sluggish lymph system, they will be challenged to effectively eliminate uric acid.  So, it is imperative that you get your lymph moving to avoid gout attacks.

The only way to move lymph is by exercising, and rebounding moves it better than other forms of exercise.

How to Use a Rebounder

Typically you stand on the mat (a durable stretchy fabric) and jump gently up and down.  You can also jog in place, jump with both feet simultaneously, do jumping jacks, etc.

But if you have a gout attack in your foot or knee, you can simply sit on the mat and bounce up and down – which will help clear the gout attack.

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Hello Bert,

I followed the four hour recipe to help the pain. It worked but took a lot longer and I ended up doing the bs and acv for two day.  Since then, it has all disappeared. I had never heard of gout in the elbow.  That was my second bout of gout.  In the big toe and the elbow.  Horrible.  I do want to get rid of it completely.   I believe that exercise and diet are probably the key factors.  I can’t buy it yet, but I do want to.  Thank you Bert for helping me get rid of the pain, I did not want to take any pills again.


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The Perfect Gout Workout

Many people with gout do not get enough (or any) exercise because either they are too busy, their joints are too damaged from gout attacks, or they believe they are too far out of shape to do any exercise.  These obstacles can be overcome with a rebounder:

  • Rebounding for 20 minutes is the cardiovascular equivalent of 1-hour of running.
  • Rebounding will strengthen bones without putting stress on the joints, because it is a “non-impact” activity.
  • Rebounding can gently get you back into exercising, if you start out by sitting on the mat and simply bouncing.

I use and recommend the Urban Rebounder, available on Amazon.

Bottom Line:  Rebounding is the best form of exercise for getting your stagnant lymph moving – which is essential for battling gout!