Did you ever consider that your tap water at your home might be contributing to your gout?

It’s true that drinking lots of water is essential to conquering gout.  However, contrary to popular myth, NOT all water is created equal and some are downright harmful.

Common Toxins in City Water

Most US city tap waters are an unregulated “soup” of:

  • Chemical by-products from manufacturing, such as hexavalent chromium;
  • Runoff from farming such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics;
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, that get flushed down the toilet and make their way into drinking water;
  • Household and industry cleaning solvents and chemicals;
  • Naturally occurring contaminants which sometimes are carcinogenic, such as arsenic.

Long gone are the days that you can trust your town or city to provide you with safe drinking water.  Now it’s up to YOU to take the steps necessary to ensure your own health, especially if you want to get rid of gout for good.

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Hi Bert,

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Water Filtration for Kidney Health

  • When it comes to gout treatment, and how to lead a gout-free lifestyle, the toxic chemicals found in tap water put an extra burden on your kidneys . . . making it harder for them to efficiently remove uric acid.
  • When uric acid levels are allowed to become elevated, we become vulnerable to gout attacks.
  • Drinking water that is filtered to remove contaminants is essential to kidney health, and keeping your kidneys healthy should be your number one goal for winning the war on gout.

Beware Reverse Osmosis Water

A word of caution:

  • Reverse osmosis water filtration systems will filter out not only the harmful contaminants but also all the healthy minerals, leaving the water extremely acidic and unhealthy.
  • This is a serious issue if you are an aspiring Gout Killer, because your goal is to minimize acidity in your body in order to keep uric acid levels low.
  • Do not drink reverse osmosis water!

In order to conquer gout it is crucial that you drink copious amounts of high-quality water every single day.  But not just any old water.  You need water that has been carefully filtered to remove harmful contaminants while leaving the healthy minerals intact.

 + Bottom line:  I urge you to learn more about the best gout-killing water filter, which I personally use and recommend.