The two most significant reasons why most people take vitamin C are for how it helps in fighting the common cold, and for its effectiveness in preventing scurvy. (symptoms include lethargy, shortness of breath, bone pain, easy bruising, gum disease, and emotional changes)

Studies have shown specifically that vitamin C helps in reducing uric acid, which helps to prevent gout attacks by keeping the immune system strong. Additionally, vitamin C helps keep the liver and kidneys working well, the cardiovascular and lymph systems free of excess toxins, which all adds up to maintaining the kind of strong health that does not allow gout to occur.

Animals, other that humans and primates, lack the enzyme to synthesize vitamin C from glucose. Therefore, getting vitamin C from our diet is fundamental.

In one word, the critical component of vitamin C plays a major role in keeping joints healthy and free from gout, is “collagen”. Collagen makes up the white connective tissue that hold the skeleton together – Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen. Collagen is also found in our skin, blood vessels, and muscles.

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Bell peppers, kale, parsley, and broccoli are good food sources of vitamin C.