It Looks Like “Pain”.

Sometimes it’s not just the question, what is gout?…the question really is, “what does gout look like?” I looked for the most dramatic gout pictures I could find for your comparing pleasure. Please enjoy…

These pictures of these pairs of feet give a great (great? I bet they didn’t think so!) example of just how intense a gout attack can be.

What Does Gout Look Like? This…

When your friends say, “what does gout look like?”, you can send them here to see for themselves just how severe your gout attacks can be.

Have YOU had gout attacks that look this bad? I have! I’ve had gout attacks in my feet and ankles so bad, my whole foot looked like a red balloon!

It’s this kind of experience that qualifies me to be the Gout Killer I am today.

What I’m thankful for is that I didn’t have attacks in both feet/ankles at the same time!  I’ve heard that sad story from lots of guys over the years now…I call it “multi-gout”.

. . .

First of all, sorry that I don’t communicate with you more often, I’m pretty bad about that sort of thing. Wanted to give you my thoughts on the 1.28.13 remarks – the pain (like no other), loss of work time, interfere with relations. I have another ”side effect”. Embarrassment!
When I must go to work with all the pain hobbling around hallways, stairs, etc coworkers will always ask ”what’s wrong”. It’s embarrassing to me to say I have gout (since the average person assumes you do something wrong to get gout). I used to come up with the ”sprained my ankle or knee” excuse.
Anyway, thanks to your advice and guidance my attacks have become much less frequent and less severe when they do happen. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
Your Gout buddy – Casey

. . .

But Not Anymore!

You know when someone has never experienced gout – because they want to know, what does gout look like? – but to show them what you and I go through, looking at these pictures will even make them want to groan.

Gout can be such an elusive thing to deal with because of the way it just seems to creep in.

Staying in front of it and maintaining a measure of prevention is what has worked for me.

What You See Here Is Just The Beginning

Gout can look really nasty in the:

…and how could we forget…

  • the big toe

But if you really want to get freaked out by gout, check out what

Wanna see some even more outrageous gout pictures?

So…what does gout look like? The redness and the swelling is nothing compared to what gout feels like – the aching, the heat, the PAIN . . . gout really is nothing you want to see first hand. And definitely nothing you want to experience. But, then of course you probably wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t already know, now would you?

  Remember!  Gout is ugly and it sucks – be proactive – Kill Your Gout NOW!