Gretchen gives some great advice about using Epsom salts for dealing with gout in the foot. (see video below) It’s easy and relaxing, and essential oils are the curative and most potent compounds extracted from plant sources that deliver incredible results.

I’m sure as you’re reading this, your couldn’t agree more that a foot massage is the last thing you want when you’re dealing with gout in the foot. However, if you can stand it, massage and or do some kind of exercise can help to break up the crystals and the blood flow helps to move them out.


Symptoms of Gout in Foot

The reason you found me is because of the way this is written – gout in the foot symptoms – it’s way the internet works ya know. But the good news is that we can now do something about your situation and get you some gout pain relief.

One of the worst things to do when you start to feel a gout attack coming on is to wait. Don’t do that! Even if you just think it “might” be a gout attack, take action!

Whether it’s gout symptoms foot, hand, ankle, wrist…whatever – it all comes down to one thing: Acidosis. Western medicine wants to put a straight-jacket on this thing called gout, and say that it is because your uric acid is too high – BUT – the rest of your inner body terrain is in a state of over-abundant acidity as well.

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My last attack was xmas, when I had gout for 3 months on and off. I was drinking celery, lemon, ginger and cucumber juice everyday. I missed 4 days worth and my I had this gout attack. I was into the second week when I found your website. After a days work I was coming home and foot would swell up to the point that I couldn’t walk. I have done the baking powder and vinegar for 2 days and my gout is 95% gone. I am now a happy bunny. Can’t thank you enough for the information.  ~ Mantis Fists

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What To Do About Gout

First of all, what is gout? Dealing with gout is not just about getting gout in your foot…it’s more like gout all over the whole body! Here in modern America, toxic acidic waste in of our poor, old abused bodies an epidemic!

Getting a handle on how toxic acidity builds up in your body; poor breathing/lack of oxygen, dehydration, low-quality denatured food-like substances, stress, poisons in everyday household products, lack of exercise and sleep…it all adds up to gout pain in the foot or worse.

  ☆ Remember!  For gout in foot pain, as Ted Baroody Puts it: Alkalize or Die.