While gout can manifest in multiple ways, podagra symptoms are among the most common and podagra treatments are in high demand among gout sufferers. Podagra treatments work to reduce inflammation and neutralize the over-acidity of the inner body terrain due to excess uric acid.

What is gout? often brings the focus of the conversation to the swollen and inflamed gouty joints of the lower extremities, which may require treatment to alleviate the dreadful symptoms. Gout remedies are necessary to relieve the intense pain and avoid the possibility of permanent joint damage, as well as uric acid kidney stones.


Why Is It Called “Podagra”?

Podagra is a Greek word that translates to “foot trap”. Originating from the world of podiatry, podagra treatment and podagra symptoms specifically refer to health modalities that assuage the ravages of gouty arthritis in the ankles, feet, and the big toe.

The most common joint of the body attacked by gout is the big toe. When symptoms of gout strike anywhere in the feet, podiatrists are often consulted first as hyperuricemia progresses into acute gout.

Podagra is Gout

Gout is more specifically called podagra when it manifests in the big toe joint – the metatarsal phalangeal. Because gout is most common in the toes, feet and ankles, it is often associated with the medical field of podiatry.

However, whether the incidence is in the hands, elbows, knees or feet, all gout is controlled in the same manner as podagra treatment.

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Hey Bert,

Sorry for the late response but like you were I am in construction myself so I get up early and get home late. I have been struggling with this demon that calls himself gout for about the last 3 years and never had it attack my knee before and WOW!!! What pain that was, I thought my big toe was the worst it would be but I was wrong. The remedy you have came up with worked out. I have always been taking that same ACV on a daily bases but not on that level you recommended with the baking soda. haha! Who would of thought that would work, I would love to never feel this pain with gout again because this last flare up was by far the worst I have felt. It was deep in the knee and I am still feeling it when I try to bend down. It feels tight, like I pulled a muscle but it’s going away, and I am walking again and hoping I never go thru that again. So there U go Bert, that’s my situation as of now and the formula definitely works for the pain! Thanx and I am very interested in how to kill it for good! ~ Peter

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What Causes Gout

According to PubMed, the cause of podagra or gout is the growing or temporary inability of the kidneys to balance the body chemistry. Uric acid is the specific metabolic substance that crystallizes in a given joint to create the painful event.

Long associated with the breakdown of purines, in our modern times, excesses of uric acid are more prevalent due to synthetic sources of sugars like high fructose corn syrup and toxic chemicals that reduce and impair the function of the kidneys and liver.

Podagra Symptoms

The hallmark symptoms of gout is the red, hot-to-the-touch, shiny and inflamed big toe. However, podagra is not technically isolated to the big toe; it can be in any or all of the delicate joints of the feet and ankles.


Podagra treatment is best handled by addressing the out of control, excessive acidic imbalance that exists throughout the inner body environment. Typically misunderstood, the painful big toe is due to the imbalance of the OVERALL body chemistry.

While temporary measures of medications to relieve the symptoms of inflammation help for the short-term, internal and topical measures to neutralize the uric acid are the long-term, holistic solutions. Gout remedies are best for dissolving the uric acid crystals that have already formed. By keeping the over abundance of uric acid that exists in the bloodstream in solution, the pain of a gout attack can be diminished and removed.


Gout, or podagra, requires preventative measures that address the over-acidic inner body environment in a holistic way. Adjustments in lifestyle habits that are more conducive to maintaining an overall alkaline pH inside the body is the correct way to circumvent what causes gout in the first place.

     Remember!  Podagra treatment is about maintaining healthy kidneys.