Apple Cider Vinegar – “ACV”…one of the oldest home remedies in the book.

“Why” is ACV one of the oldest home remedies out there? Great question!

In doing my due diligence to win the War on Gout, I continually bump into this.  I finally found someone who actually made sense out of it for me.

So the Question Is: What Is It Really?

Vinegar and is quite simply…acetic acid. I came across this article by George Glasser and he helped put this all into perspective. Most western MDs dismiss vinegar as a condiment, food preservative or a cleaner. However, when it comes to scientists studying the origin of Life on Earth, acetic acid (or vinegar) played a central role in biochemical development.

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Apple Cider Vinegar and That Pungent, Distinctive Aroma

It’s the acetic acid that gives ACV it’s strong smell and the powerful properties that it has become so well-used and so well-known for. Vinegar is produced by the secondary fermentation of wine and is the most commonly produced acid in the world.

Here is a little clip from George Glasser’s article, “Vinegar: condiment, cleaner – or essence of life?”:

  • “In nature, a family of bacteria called acetobacter converts alcohol into acetic acid, and they are the single largest producer of acetic acid to keep Earth’s life machine running.”

Little by little, it is making more and more sense why ACV is so good as part of a gout diet and for all kinds of other diseases and conditions.

Why Does ACV Work for Gout?

Even though apple cider vinegar is an acid, due to the chemical interaction in the body, the biological effect is alkaline-forming; it’s not what it is on the outside, it’s what in turns into on the inside.

As I’ve said so many times before, gout, cardiovascular problems, diabetes – are all a result of over-acidity or Acidosis; taking a little bit of apple cider vinegar everyday can go along way toward creating a more alkaline pH.

 ☆ Remember!  Use apple cider vinegar to keep yourself healthy and gout-free!


Bert Middleton

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