It dawned on me…long ago – a “Fellowship of Gout Killers”…that’s really what this is.

Back when I started, I really had no idea that it was going to turn into this fellowship – I just thought I was fulfilling my responsibility to my fellow man (and woman) to let them know I had figured out what to do about gout…that was it. I found some good things and had some suggestions and there was nothing more to it than that – I just started talking one day and I never shut up.

But the fact of the matter is; I’m not that smart. I was the living example of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results) when it came to gout. For thirteen years I kept thinking that could live like I did when I was nineteen without consequences. Try as I did, my guardian angel Gout persuaded me otherwise. And as I’ve said so many times before, that “omen”, that “wake up” call has probably saved me from a life of diabetes and heart disease.

Finally, my half-hearted attempts at gout treatment (I think it’s called “denial”) were no longer an option. So without further adieu, I will get to my point.

“WE”…Are The Gout Killers

Everyday I get some kind of a cool email or Facebook post or something that all in one fell swoop, pumps me up, makes shout, makes me laugh, makes me smile, and sometimes brings me to tears. Check this on out:

Testimonial for The Gout Killer

This stuff just makes my day! The stories I’ve heard about having a life of gout – and knowing full well just what it all means – absolutely makes everyday worth it and drives me to pass on what I know, learn more, and make sense of this intensely humbling disease.

I LOVE Being The Gout Killer!

But first and foremost…this isn’t about me – it’s about you: My Dear Fellows of Gout. One of the most important yet unrecognized pieces to an effective gout killin’ campaign is…Gratitude. That is why I continuously say “Thank you” to each and everyone of YOU – because without you, I would not be constantly thinking of gout and how to help you kill it – AND THAT IS WHAT KEEPS ME FROM GETTING GOUT ANYMORE!

What is way more important than anything else when it comes to anyone’s success at managing their gout – with the help of my suggestions or otherwise – is the awesome and formidable commitment and discipline that each and every one of you musters up, day after day, to keep that gout beast at bay – you have my deepest  admiration and respect.

The Fellowship Of Gout Killers

Honestly and seriously – I know to begin with just how cruel, frustrating, confusing, and humbling a gout attack can be. To take the time and make the effort to change and do what you need to do, is a monumental task…not everyone can do it – that is why I do my best everyday to applaud you and cheer you on!

And the discipline, the commitment, the gratitude, and the applause all pay off in a very tangible and physical way when it comes to any form of gout treatment. If there is any “secret” to killin’ gout – this is it: Gratitude.

With gratitude there is an amazing mechanism in place that causes it to work it’s magic, the secret sauce that makes it all work:

  • When you are practicing Thankfulness and Gratitude, anger, anxiety, stress, and frustration can not exist at the same time.

I truly think that the root cause of gout is all the mental and emotional baggage we drag around with us everywhere we go. And then due that unproductive mental garbage, we make poor choices for ourselves in physical ways.

Stop Gout Pain Now

If the Fellowship of Gout Killers is anything, it is a deep understanding of the merciless pain of the condition that we all share the knowledge of. Just having appreciation for how hard it is, and how hard you know the others have to work to manage it, is a good start for practicing gratitude; if they can muster up the courage to replace their habits that are not serving them with better ones, so can you. Simply just have appreciation for that.

  ☆ Remember!  Go forth and conquer Ye of the Fellowship of Gout Killers!


Bert Middleton

“I know your pain. Let me help you kill your gout for good!  And teach you to advocate for yourself and take ownership of your gout recovery, by showing you how to live the gout-free lifestyle.” Two decades ago, Bert Middleton found himself diagnosed with gout. Like 8.3 million other people in the United States (approximately 4% of the population), he struggled helplessly with the physical, emotional, social, and financial impact that gout left unchecked can have on your life. Prescription drugs were of limited help… And the terrible pain of regular gout attacks left him unable to enjoy even the simplest daily pleasures. His marriage was suffering. His finances were spiraling due to the impact gout had on his ability to work. And maintaining a social life was often nearly impossible. Tophi surgeries left him in terrible pain.  And he found himself depressed … and angry … that gout was stealing years of his life.

Until one day, after hundreds of hours of research and self-experimentation, Bert finally had a breakthrough and created a blueprint for a way of living that would prove to be “the answer” to living gout-free for nearly a decade now. Today, Bert and his “Gout Wife” Sharon devote their evenings and weekends to educating other gout sufferers on how to live the gout-free lifestyle. Showing others his 911 Emergency Response Gout Recovery Plan for getting PAINFUL gout attacks under control in as little as 4 hours. And then, how to make daily choices that keep gout under control for GOOD! So you can finally start LIVING again!