Best Gout Pain Treatment?  Balance Your Body pH.

This is from a thread I started on Linked In. This great lady, Diane Arbogast, who comments often on my posts and she really seems to understand the body and how to balance body pH very well. I thought it good gout pain treatment advice to pass on to you.

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“Keeping your alkaline balance is very important. Our cells work to help lighten the kidneys load.

The cell, the basic unit of life, is slightly alkaline. That means its natural pH — the measurement of where on an acid to alkaline scale a substance is — is on the plus side from 7.3 to 7.4. Our pH balance is constantly adjusted by buffers in our body which keep our blood from becoming either too acid or too alkaline. Our bones, lungs, kidneys and other processes all help to keep our pH at normal levels.

 A healthy cell contains large amounts of alkaline substances such as oxygen, bicarbonate, and certain minerals. Even our blood is slightly alkaline, and must stay that way for us to stay alive. All our metabolic processes, including our immune systems, digestion, and hormone production work best in a slightly alkaline environment.The wear and tear of daily life gradually causes our cells to lose their healthy alkalinity and become more acidic. That makes us more prone to disease.

Over 90 percent of Americans become overly acidic during their lifetimes, due in part to their diets.

Your body normally regulates acid/alkaline balance. Natural buffer systems help blood keep its pH constant: bicarbonates, phosphates, and intra-cellular proteins are constantly on guard to regulate the acid in our bodies and restore the necessary alkalinity in our blood. Your lungs breathe in alkaline oxygen and eliminate acidic wastes in the form of carbon dioxide. Your kidneys eliminate excessive amounts of either acid or alkaline substances in your urine. Your bones constantly release their alkaline minerals — magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, zinc, boron, copper, strontium, calcium — to neutralize acids you produce or ingest. And high concentrations of bicarbonate are produced by your pancreas and secreted as part of your pancreatic digestive juices. But aging and other factors can edge this system toward the brink of breakdown.

There are many things in our life that tip the scale to acidity.”

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How’s That For Gout Pain Treatment and Balancing Body pH?

I thought Diane would be a good one to talk about gout pain treatment.  As a Shaklee Distributor, she is a wealth of information about how to use those vitamins and supplements to not only balance body pH, but also how to maintain optimal health overall.

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Hi Bert

Just to let you know, and I was surprised how quick you answered my email.  I meant to thank you, in the last email.  4 days ago I could hardly walk, and thanks to you I’m walking, without any medication. I did do another treatment, but I’m still a little sore in my toe and ankle. And now little in both wrists, which I did not have yesterday.  Just wondering what I should do now? I’m going out today to pick some of the ingredients.

Thanks Again

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A great deal of my success with gout pain treatment and learning how to manage and control gout in general comes from a greater understanding of how to balance body pH. When it comes to gout pain treatment, learning the importance of off-setting the high levels of acidity by alkalizing is the answer.

  ☆ Learn to balance body pH as a gout pain treatment.


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