Air Purification for Gout

Just because you can’t see air pollution, doesn’t mean it’s not contributing to your gout.

  1. We take the air we breathe for granted, and assume it’s harmless.  But in today’s world, the outdoor and indoor air is loaded with toxic chemicals which tax our health and leave us vulnerable to gout.
  2. The liver and kidneys play important roles in monitoring our uric acid levels, which must be kept in check to avoid gout attacks.  Gout prevention starts with protecting our liver and kidneys.
  3. The liver and kidneys are the primary organs that filter toxins from our bloodstream. If our bloodstream is burdened with excess toxic chemicals, then our liver and kidneys have to prioritize the neutralization and elimination of these toxins – making it harder for them to properly manage uric acid levels.

Most of us have gotten so used to breathing polluted air that our bodies no longer recognize it as dangerous.  But it is.  If you spend a lot of time indoors, I urge you to get a high-quality air filter.

Common Outdoor Air Pollutants

The following outdoor toxins make their way into our homes and offices, and contribute to gout:

  • Sulphur and nitrogen oxides – from the combustion of coal, oil, gas and diesel.
  • Carbon Monoxide – primarily from vehicular exhaust.
  • Methane, particulates, lead, mercury, and on and on.

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Very true. I’ve been gout free for quite a while now. I’m off the Hep C drug and feeling better. I think the most important thing is avoiding stress. That and my diet which is really clean thanks to you. Keep up the good work Bert.  ~ Jeff

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Common Indoor Air Pollutants

The following indoor toxins directly affect our everyday health, including gout:

  • Formaldehyde and VOC’s – from carpeting, plywood, paint and solvents.
  • Carcinogens, VOC’s and toxic phthalate esters – from so-called “air-fresheners”.
  • Carbon monoxide – from natural gas via pilot lights, heating appliances and gas stoves.
  • Fungus, bacteria, mold and spores – from living organisms, including pets, plants and us!
  • Biological irritants – pet dander and fecal material, dust mites, skin flakes, and more.

Each and every one of these indoor air pollutants represents a burden, or tax, on our overall health, which weakens our bodies making them more vulnerable to gout attacks.

   Bottom Line:  The best gout treatment is to adopt a holistic gout-free lifestyle, which starts with the purity of air in your home and office.  Minimize your toxic exposure by getting an air purifier for your home and office.