[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Gout and exercise – a consistent routine helps you live a bigger, better, healthier, more pain-free life.

Lets get right to it…how much and how often do you exercise for gout prevention?

It’s all too common that if you have gout, you’re over-weight. Do you need some weight-loss inspiration?

Gout and exercise have something in common: They can both be painful. Whatever it takes to motivate you to get your exercise is great. Remember what the great American philosopher Michael Jordan always says: JUST DO IT!

Gout and Exercise:  The Four Types

We could go deep on all the different things you could be doing or should be doing but let’s keep it to a minimum for right now. Here are some different areas you might want to ponder:

  • Range of Motion
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Stretching

Keep those categories in mind but don’t get obsessed! A very large and real contributing factor to why you have gout is because you’re not in the habit.

. . .

Hi Bert

To my pleasant realization, your program is useful, meaningful, thoughtful and comprehensive. At his date I am 80% effective with an achievable 100% in my glorious mind.

Since beginning the program I have purchased and read The Water Cure (we are observing this carefully) and I have Alkalize or Die on order. I have also purchased a month’s worth of chocolate (for trial purposes). We have also become habituates of the natural foods grocers in Steamboat so more of our produce and other grocery products are coming from that location.

Stress is a precipitator in my case and so I am taking steps to alleviate this through adjustments to TV habits, meditation, and elimination of some pain-in-the-ass guests. Exercise has been a problem with feet that work, but not well. As they improve so will these regimens.

In addition to my daily intake of vitamins I am using Devil’s Claw and Montmorency Cherry Flex concentrated cherry pills. I would welcome your thoughts, if any, on these.

Finally, it is my goal to move back off of the Gout Edge and down from an 8-9 rating to 1-2. I believe this will require more time and attention to my 7 step program.

While you are in Salida and we are in North Park, you will appreciate that activities are more available in summer than in winter. But when there is deep snow around, high wind and bitter wind chill I expect to be indoors by the fire after shoveling the walkways and bringing in the firewood. I do have free weights to enable some serious aerobic exercise but would welcome additional exercise thoughts.

You have my heartfelt thanks for producing both the ideas and the positive momentum for a better, more normal, life.

~ Sam

. . .

Exercise Recommendation:  Walk. Just Walk.

Walk around the block, down the street, through the park, out in the field, up the hill, around the bend…whatever it takes! Just walk!

It will loosen you up, get the blood flowing, make you breathe better, help your digestion, think more clearly, sleep better…and bring down your uric acid levels.

Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes a couple times a day, or maybe 30 minutes once a day. It really isn’t about how much or how hard you work yourself, it’s more about just making the time and making the habit. When it becomes part of your standard routine, then you can pump it up.

It may take a few years to really get it locked in but we all have to start somewhere and we’re all only getting older! Do It NOW!

As quick suggestion, what I’ve been doing for some excellent exercise is Yoga. Yoga can be a good way to strengthen joint health and prevent the pain of gout.

It builds a lot of strength and flexibility and really works all those joints that have gotten beat up by my gout over all these years.


There are a bunch of different kinds of Yoga. Anusara Yoga is the kind I do and you can find out more by clicking the link. But again, there are a lot of different styles of yoga, so get out there and Just Do It!

Remember!  Gout and Exercise Are Intimately Connected.