If you are having a gout attack right now, there are number of immediate natural home remedies you can use to reduce the pain and help the attack come to an end quickly.  All of these steps and items listed below work because they help bring your body tissues from an acidic chemistry toward a more alkaline chemistry.  In other words, they help bring down your uric acid levels naturally . . . which is what a REAL gout treatment is supposed to do.

The faster you implement these suggestions, the faster you will be able to find relief from your gout attack.

Quick Alkalizing Agents

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar…THAT is what to do for gout.  The combination of these two ingredients, when consumed following specific directions, works in two ways:

  1. By keeping the uric acid that has not yet crystallized in solution (in a liquid state) so that it does NOT crystallize, and
  2. By helping to dissolve the uric acid crystals that did form (and caused your gout attack) so that they go BACK into a liquid state and can be eliminated.

In order for the combination of baking soda and apple cider vinegar to work properly, they must be taken in specific quantities, in a certain order, and over a specific period of time.  I go over all of these details in my book Kill Your Gout Now! which countless people consider to be The Bible of What To Do For Gout!

Alkalizing Foods

While having an active gout attack, it is important not only to eat a low-purine diet, but also to eat an alkaline diet.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Bananas
  • Cherries and/or Cherry Juice
  • Yogurt – Whole fat (not low fat), Organic, plain (unsweetened)

For a complete list of the “do’s and dont’s” of a good gout diet, check out my Gout Diet Recipes page.

Epsom Salt Baths and Ice

Epsom salts are very alkaline, and will penetrate the skin to get inside the body helping to dissolve the uric acid crystals.  Soak the affected joint for 20 minutes in an Epsom Salt bath that is warm, not hot.

After the bath, apply an ice pack for 20 minutes.  The ice should be wrapped in a towel so that it is not in direct contact with your skin.  The ice will help reduce the inflammation that is causing the swelling.

The alternation between hot and cold will increase the blood flow to the area, helping to move the blood and lymph in and out of the joint which will help end the attack.

. . .

Casey here to thank you again for making me aware of the “traps” waiting to snag us in the food marketing world.  If you haven’t seen theses documentaries already you may find that they support your cause !!!  It’s relieving for me to know there are some good people out there putting up one hell of a battle against industrialized food.  There has to be a change.  An analogy mentioned in the Food Inc film mentioned how the tobacco industry was brought down, now it’s time for the industrialized food organizations to be brought to justice.

Thanks Bert – you are the man.

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Alkaline Water

Really, this should be FIRST on the list of what to do for gout.  Water is by far the most important nutrient your body always needs, but this is especially true during a gout flare.  Water is the “transportation system” that moves things around inside your body.  In this case, your body needs copious amounts of water to move the uric acid OUT of your joint, and out of your body.

Alkaline water is the best type of water for gout.  If you don’t yet have a water alkalizing device, I recommend that you consider getting one, and here is my page giving you an introduction to ionized alkaline water: Alkaline Water


Another immediate thing you can do for gout is to improve your blood oxygenation levels.  Low blood oxygen levels equate to high acidity levels, which contribute to high uric acid levels.  The intense pain of a gout attack can lead to shallow breathing, which is the opposite of what you need.

Here are some quick tips to get you started breathing more fully for better blood oxygenation:

  1. Sit up straight.  The simple act of sitting up straight with a tall spine will dramatically increase the air flow in and out of your lungs.
  2. Focus on the exhale.  If you literally squeeze ALL the air out of your lungs by pulling your stomach muscles inward tightly, then you will automatically consume more air on the following inhale.  Do this over and over again.

There are two parts to proper breathing:  Knowing HOW, and having the musculature to accomplish it.  Just like weight lifting, there are specific muscles needed to perform any physical task.  Most people’s “breathing muscles” are completely underdeveloped, such that they couldn’t breathe fully even if they knew how and tried.

Given the importance of high blood oxygen levels in the war on gout, I urge you to check out the “Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit” to learn exactly how to breathe fully, and how to develop the body muscles to do it.


The importance of sleep should not be underestimated if you are trying to get over a gout attack.  Sleep gives our bodies the chance to “repair” what is broken.  In the case of gout, what is broken is your body’s internal chemistry.  Sleep helps to bring the chemistry back to its healthy normal balance, and this is essential for ending a gout attack.  So, turn off the TV, turn out the lights, and get to sleep.


And the very BEST thing to do for gout…is to prevent it in the first place!  Take it from me, it is a lot easier to prevent a gout attack than it is to get rid of one.  After 13 miserable years of suffering one gout attack after another, I finally figured out how to prevent them.  Now it’s been many years since my last gout attack, and I love being gout free!

If you want to be completely gout-free, just like me, I encourage you to get my book Kill Your Gout NOW!  In this book, I show you how to terminate a gout attack in 2-4 hours, and then I give you a road-map for how to NEVER get gout again.