Do Free Radicals Cause Inflammation? (do free radicals cause gout?)

Ok, let’s find out what those free radicals are all about.  This is going to sound a lot like how I explained antioxidants:

  • “The human body is made up of cells, cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, atoms are made up of protons and electrons. Oxidative damage is when one of those atoms loses an electron.”

So What’s the Big Deal About Free Radicals?

Sounds harmless enough to me? The everyday word for “oxidizing” is…Rust. Oxidizing also happens to food, like when you cut open an apple and it turns brown.

When it happens to human bodies (your human body) it makes you old. And when you get “old” or when you “age”, sickness and disease come along with it.

“Oxidants” are a normal by-product of the chemical process of the human body but if left unchecked they roam around your body and try to “steal” the electron they lost from other healthy cells. That is where antioxidants come to the rescue and neutralize free radicals.

As you may have seen on the flavonoids page, there is a whole list of unhealthy conditions that this can lead to. Isn’t it interesting that the common denominator of all those different illnesses is inflammation? Whether it is outwardly obvious like a swollen joint or on a cellular level as in heart related problems, the word inflammation always comes up. Good thing for us, antioxidants are also a great anti-inflammatory.

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Thanks Bert!  Without you adn another gentleman’s website, and the gracious assembly of a massive amount of gout information, I and everyone else, would be floundering to figure out what to do.  YOU DESERVE A MEDAL OF HONOR for your compassion for your fellow humans.  I THANK YOU!
~ Terri

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Free radical damage is caused by all kinds of different things including breathing too much. Or maybe it is too hard…either way, what do we do? We have to breathe. The more oxygen we get, the more we oxidize. What I am referring to is extreme physical exertion as in sports or manual labor.

But what is even more alarming is that most of this “rusting” that is happening to you and me comes from all kinds of environmental sources: smoking, drinking (alcohol), bad air, bad water, weird pesticides and antibiotics and hormones added to our food, too much sun, lack of sleep, everyday stress and the list goes on.

Every human body on the planet is experiencing free radical damage to one degree or another. That’s where understanding cellular health and how it relates to gout becomes fascinating and the direct connection of the importance of alkalizing comes in.

In that process of oxidizing or degrading the the ability of the cell membrane to allow the good stuff in and the bad stuff out, is how the corrosive nature of accumulated acidic waste can do it’s dirty work. As the cell wall becomes damaged, not only do the nutrients and fuels that need to get inside the cell to the mitochondria to be “burned” and create our life energy, but even worse, the waste or “ash” from that process of burning can’t get out.

When you start to really understand the cells, or life at the cellular level, you understand that a cell – one single cell out of the trillions of cells that make up your body – is just a miniature version of you. And you have to eat…and you have to poop. And not eating is one thing, but not pooping can really suck. It’s at this point – if you really take the time to get your mind wrapped around the whole antioxidant and free radical interaction – i.e. what goes on in there in Inner Space, it causes you to change the way you live…and that is muy profound.

But it can get worse…and the worse it gets, the worse it gets. As you continue to age, your ability to fight this damage becomes less and less effective.

    ☆ Free Radical Damage…brings a whole new meaning to…”you’re getting rusty” doesn’t it?


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