Why have cherries in your gout diet?

With a little detective work, you can find out for yourself that a common natural remedy for gout is cherries. Usually black cherries, or tart cherries. You’ll also find out that the active component in cherries is flavonoids. That’s all we need to know, right? Case closed.

When It Comes to Cherries and Gout, Is the Case Closed?

What are flavonoids? They’re polyphenols, of course. Aren’t you glad you asked?

Let’s make it simple. Flavonoids and polyphenols are different classes and sub-categories of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radical damage.

Flavonoids are being studied extensively now for two reasons: they are finding them to be a huge anti-inflammatory and they have other properties that reduce uric acid.

Often times you hear that you need to avoid “foods high in uric acid” in order to prevent gout. This misconception is easily corrected. Uric acid is actually an antioxidant produced by the body. High purine foods are what produce high levels of uric acid that are the cause of gout attacks.

We have more to discover about uric acid and purine rich foods to successfully cover all the bases about how to stay gout-free naturally.

Is Uric Acid the Bad Guy?

For the same reason you hear so much about cherries and gout, uric acid is produced by the body to help protect it in the same way. When uric acid becomes over abundant, the body can’t process and eliminate it in a timely way. When this happens, alternatives are employed.

The body, in all it’s wisdom, exiles the excess uric acid to some far away joint – far away from the vital organs. It then “sequesters” it for safe keeping. How cherries aid in alleviating this painful condition is by the anti-inflammatory action of the flavonoids which we spoke of earlier. 

The oxidative, or free radical damage to the cell membrane contribute to the inflammation, and also produce it. This negative cycle of damaging the cell walls compromise the ability of the cells to get the fuel and nutrients they need. Also the ability to discharge the wastes of those fuels is dangerously interrupted. These wastes build up and are toxic and acidic in nature.

It’s important to note that free radical damage, or free radicals, are also a natural and normal part of the cell regeneration cycle. Molecules become radical when they’ve lost an electron. This happens in much the same way all living things are conceived, live a life cycle, and expire.

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Thanks for all of your help. I haven’t had a “full blown” gout attack since I took your course!


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Through extensive environmental and metabolic toxicity, this process can be accelerated. Processed foods, genetically modified organisms, stress, poor sleeping, and many other lifestyle choices contribute to this degeneration.

Because of this chronic breakdown or degradation, many different types of illness and disease start to slowly ravage the physical body and wear on mental capacities. Diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cognitive function, intestinal system breakdown, renal function, joint and muscular problems and so much more, start to add up and cause what we all dismiss as “aging”.

This is why cherries and so many other dark-skinned fruits and green-leafy vegetables are so helpful in the Gout War. Taking full advantage – especially with getting organically grown fruits and vegetables – is cheap treatment and prevention when it comes to gout.

At this point you’re thinking; “where do I get more flavonoids?” Here’s one idea: pomegranates . Pomegranate juice has antioxidants that fight free radical damage in big way.

☆ Bottom-line:  Cherries and gout – they’re becoming synonymous.


Bert Middleton

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